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This Is What Will Happen in the Next Billion Years, According to RealLifeLore

Earth is billions of years old already. If we consider it possible that humanity or our descendants will survive for another billion years, then what could we reasonably expect to happen during that time frame?  

Origins Project: The Great Debate | Origins of the future

The evening was moderated by Lawrence Krauss. Origins of the Future: From Medicine and Synthetic Biology to Machine Intelligence, features Richard Dawkins, Craig Venter, Kim Stanley Robinson, Esther Dyson, Eric Horvitz, George Poste and Randolph Nesse discussing the origins of the future, followed by Q&A.   Part I Part II

Chris Hadfield: An Astronaut’s Guide to Optimism

Our world is not as bad a place as we often feel it to be. It is easy to look to the future and lament on how far there is left to go, but sometimes it is helpful to stop and reflect on just how far we’ve come. This New Years, my resolution is to …

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Stuart Armstrong: A little talk about the future

Dr Stuart Armstrong, from the Future of Humanity Institute (Oxford), gave a talk at the IARU Summer School on the Ethics of Technology. In it, he touches on many of the research themes of the institute: the accuracy of predictions, the limitations and biases of predictors, the huge risks that humanity may face, the huge …

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Michio Kaku: Future technology at the ELC 2013

The American Council for Technology & Industry Advisory Council (ACT-IAC) is a non-profit educational organization established in 1979 to assist government and industry in acquiring and using IT.

Eric Drexler: A Future of Radical Abundance – Transforming the Material Basis of Civilization

The researcher, author and futurist Eric Drexler coined the concept of molecular nanotechnology 26 years ago. The future that he outlined in his book “Engines of creations” was then questioned by many. Now Drexler returns with a somewhat developing vision, where the concept of nanotechnology is replaced with APM (Atomically Precise Manufacturing). He clarify s …

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Jason Pontin: Can technology solve our big problems?

FILMED FEB 2013 • POSTED OCT 2013 • TED2013 TED presents journalist Jason Pontin who looks closely at the challenges we face to using technology effectively … for problems that really matter. In 1969, Buzz Aldrin’s historical step onto the moon leapt mankind into an era of technological possibility. The awesome power of technology was …

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Jennifer Healey: If cars could talk, accidents might be avoidable

FILMED APR 2013 • POSTED APR 2013 • TED@Intel TED presents Jennifer Healey who propose cars should share data with each other; Since when we drive, we get into a glass bubble, lock the doors and press the accelerator, relying on our eyes to guide us — even though we can only see the few …

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Michio Kaku: What does the future look like?

Dr. Michio Kaku, Professor of Theoretical Physics at City University of New York shares his vision of mankind’s future at a conference in Abu Dhabi.

UCLA: Technology’s and science promise for humanity’s future

As late as the mid-twentieth century science and technology were celebrated as instruments of progress, but by the early twenty-first century they were viewed increasingly as threats to life on Earth. Vivek Wadhwa, Washington Post and Bloomberg Businessweek columnist, and Ahmed Zewail, winner of the 1999 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, discuss how science and technology …

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UK Trade & Investment : Future global technology trends

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) presents two panels discussion ‘Future global technology trends’ with representatives of the UK and global sector at the Advanced Engineering Summit at the British Business Embassy on 10 August 2012. Panel members included; Graham Smith OBE, Executive Adviser to President ,Toyota Motors Europe, Prof Dame Julia King, Vice Chancellor, Aston University, George Gillespie, …

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Chris Gerdes: The future race car — 150mph, and no driver

TED presents Chris Gerdes who talks about cars of the future. He reveals how he and his team are developing robotic race cars that can drive at 150 mph while avoiding every possible accident. And yet, in studying the brainwaves of professional racing drivers, Gerdes says he has gained a new appreciation for the instincts of …

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NASA: The presents and near future

NASA presents a discussion session where members of the public join with social media followers at NASA Headquarters on Jan. 18 to learn about present and future NASA missions. Topics in the morning’s panel sessions include NASA leadership discussing the future of human spaceflight and the importance of technology innovation to our future.

NASA Edge: Innovative technology for future space missions

NASA Edge presents a show on future innovative technology in this three part program. Such as remote-controlled excavator MTL (Multi-Terrain Loader) and Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator (HIAD).

Rick Rashid: The Matrix & Future of Computing

Rick Rashid, Chief Research Officer at Microsoft, talks about the new possibilities of emerging, innovative devices, talking about the Martix and the futue of computing. Microsoft’s Rick Rashid: The Matrix & Future of Computing from The Atlantic on FORA.tv

John Tracy: The Future of Flight

Fora TV presents John Tracy, CTO of Boeing, who goes beyond Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, and highlights the company’s innovations for the future.

Fora TV: Future technology

Fora TV presents a panel for “Future Shock: Technology in the Next 10 Years,” some of the best minds in Silicon Valley discuss the future of technology, from cool flat-surface displays to self-organizing social media and proliferation of billions of mobile devices. Future Shock: Technology in the Next 10 Years from Intel Corp. on FORA.tv

“4 awesome future space missions”

Scishow lists the four coolest future space missions in their opinion; “New Horizons is going to Pluto and the Kuiper belt; Juno is on it’s way to Jupiter; Dawn is exploring two large asteroids; Rosetta will land on a comet!”.

NASA: Future human spaceflight

NASA sees the future of human spaceflight and it is commercial. NASA officials discuss on what new missions astronauts will be sent to explore beyond low Earth orbit. The briefing was held at the Kennedy Space Center on Nov. 1, 2012.

NASA: The Future of Aeronautics

In 2010 NASA´s Edge discussed the future of auronautics in three episodes. Which can all be seen below. Chris interviews Karen Taminger, Associate Principal Investigator of the Subsonic Fixed Wing Project at NASA Langley Research Center. Karen explains NASA’s goals of designing lighter, stronger, more aerodynamic, and more efficient commercial aircraft for the future. Get …

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