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Tag: Future Vehicles

Aspen Institute: Designing the Vehicle of the Future

Vehicle design innovation is no longer simply about making a pretty car. As urbanization continues at a rapid pace across the globe, new business models and advanced vehicle technologies like autonomous cars, self-righting motorcycles, fully electric engines, and pre-collision safety systems are permeating the landscape in response to this growth and reshaping the total driver …

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Aspen Institute: Fueling the Future: What Will We Run On?

Hydrogen fuel cells. Electricity. Biofuels. Petroleum. Natural gas. Hybrids. The debate about fueling our vehicles marches reliably onward. With staunch advocates for so many fuel alternatives, how do we decide what we will use in the future? What are the benefits and drawbacks to each? Who is responsible for making policy that, in the end, …

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Fora TV: Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Energy

Fora TV presents Chris Gerdes, talking about the advances in autonomous vehicles, highlighting their ability to safely navigate race tracks without human intervention. Car Talk: Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Energy from The Atlantic on FORA.tv