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KnowledgeHub: Why the Vikings Disappeared

KnowledgeHub investigates why the infamous warriors of the Middle Ages disappeared. Raiding the coasts of Europe, the age of Vikings lasted about 300 years. What caused the end of the Vikings age?  

Wendover Productions: Urban Geography: Why We Live Where We Do

Rich Americans live in the Suburbs; Rich Europeans live downtown. Why do cities on the two continents have different structures? European cities are much, much older than American cities and that age difference has naturally led to many interesting differences in the layout of each city. The wealthy population of America often live in suburbs …

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Harvard University: The Genetic History of Ice Age Europe

David Reich describes the three biggest discoveries about European pre-history that were revealed through genome-wide analyses of 51 ice-age-era humans.  

London Natural History Museum: The oldest human footprints in Europe

In May 2013 a storm exposed mysterious hollows on the beach at Happisburgh in Norfolk. Follow the progress of the research team as they realise they have found human footprints that are around 900,000 years old.  

Bloomberg Business: The European Debt Crisis Visualized

  At the heart of the European debt crisis is the euro, the currency that tied together 18 countries in an intimate manner. So when one country teeters on the brink of financial collapse, the entire continent is at risk. How did such a flawed system come to be?    

University of London: Otto von Bismarck: A Bicentennial exhibition and lecture at the Institute of Historical Research

Otto von Bismarck: A Bicentennial exhibition and lecture at the Institute of Historical Research Speakers: Lawrence Goldman (Director of the Institute of Historical Research) Dr Karina Urbach (IHR Senior Research Fellow) Peter Ammon (Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the United Kingdom) Dr Ulf Morgenstern (Bismarck Foundation) Professor Jonathan Steinberg (University of Pennsylvania) …

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Milken Institute: Navigating Europe’s New Volatility

This year, Europe has been shaken out of an unsatisfying stasis by heightened fears of deflation, vigorous central bank action, terrorism in France and political transformation in Greece. The continent’s political economy is getting more complicated, and boundaries are being tested. Many wonder how far the ECB’s quantitative easing program will go and whether it …

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Crossrail Project: Meet Crossrail’s giant tunnelling machines

Europe’s biggest construction project Crossrail will use eight tunnel boring machines (TBMs) to construct the new tunnels under London. These huge machines will work 24 hours a day beneath the streets of London, excavating large volumes of ground and erecting the concrete tunnel lining. Each machine has a rotating cutter head at the front, and …

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William Parkinson: Revolutions | The Age of Metal and the Evolution of European Civilization

Revolutions: The Age of Metal and the Evolution of European Civilization William Parkinson The evolution of agricultural villages in Europe, from their beginning in the Neolithic through their fluorescence during the Bronze Age, is the subject of this illustrated lecture. Historically, scholars assumed that most innovations, including in metallurgy, occurred earlier in the Near East …

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Penn Museum: Colin Renfrew: Before Silk: Unsolved Mysteries of the Silk Road

Colin Renfrew speaks on the Unsolved Mysteries of the Silk Road at the Silk Road Symposium held at the Penn Museum held in March 2011. The extent of contact between east (China) and west (Europe and Western Asia) in the prehistoric period has been much debated but remains little understood. In 1921 John Gunnar Anderson’s …

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Yale University: The Early Middle Ages, 284-1000 with Paul Freedman | 01/22 | Rome’s Greatness and First Crises

Professor Freedman introduces the major themes of the course: the crisis of the Roman Empire, the rise of Christianity, the threats from barbarian invasions, and the continuity of the Byzantine Empire. At the beginning of the period covered in this course, the Roman Empire was centered politically, logistically, and culturally on the Mediterranean Sea. Remarkable …

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Christopher Caldwell: Can Europe be the same with different people in it?

Speaker: Christopher Caldwell Chair: Maurice Fraser This event was recorded on 5 May 2009 in Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House After a half-century of mass immigration, has Europe overestimated the need for immigrant labour and underestimated the culture shaping potential of religion? Christopher Caldwell is a senior editor at the Weekly Standard, and a regular …

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Earth from Space: Rhine waters

Earth from Space is presented by Kelsea Brennan-Wessels from the ESA Web-TV virtual studios. In this edition ESA examines a Sentinel-1A acquisition over Lake Constance.  

StanChang: Magical Europe

This astounding short film shot all over Europe was made by StanChang, who describes his experience: One family, 2 cameras, 30 countries, 60 flights, 1000+ time lapse videos, 200,000+ images – almost 20 terabytes of data! Hello everyone, I’m from Taiwan. This is a compilation of time lapse videos shot over the last two years …

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Zaleski Lecture: Poland in Modern Ukrainian History 1795-1991

Speaker Roman Szporluk delivers the August Zaleski Memorial Lecture in Modern Polish History at the Center for European Studies. CESHarvard Center was founded in 1969 as an interdisciplinary research institution in the social sciences to examine the politics, history, economy and society of Europe, and to bring an understanding of important development in Europe to …

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CGEG: Discussion on the Future of Europe

This program on February 25, 2013, featured a discussion among distinguished thinkers, policy makers, and practitioners on the challenges facing Europe and the implications for the region and the world’s economy, politics, and democracy. Opening Remarks by President Lee C. Bollinger of Columbia University. Panelists: Ambassador Anne Anderson, Permanent Representative of Ireland to the United …

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Paul Krugman: Europe’s Two Depressions

Hosted by the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. This lecture with Paul Krugman on the ongoing economic situation in Europe. Krugman is a professor of economics, a Nobel Prize winner and New York Times columnist. He was the keynote speaker at the inaugural conference of the Julis-Rabinowitz Center for …

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