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Tag: England

GreshamCollege: Royal Houses from the Saxons to the Hundred Years’ War – Simon Thurley

Early Royal residences have much to teach us about the role of British Kings. Simon Thurley reveals all the palace secrets.  

UK Parliament: Magna Carta and the Emergence of Parliament

In this short film produced by the United Kingdom Parliament, find out how and why Magna Carta was sealed in 1215 and the important role it played in the story of the emergence of Parliament and the journey to UK democracy. Stories from Parliament is a series of audio dramas with supporting teacher resources each …

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Wales from above in a jet fighter

Experience the thrills of flying backseat in the RAF’s Typhoon frontline jet fighter. This film features highlights of an ultra-low level mission over the stunning scenery of the Lake District and the Welsh valleys. Now showing at The Science Museum in London.

Richard Hodges: Great Riddles in Archaeology – King Arthur, Camelot, and the Quest for a Holy Grail

For centuries, the legend of King Arthur, Camelot and the quest for the Holy Grail has captivated the world. Was there really a Holy Grail, and how did it find its way to Britain and the Arthurian legend? Were Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table real historical figures? What does the archaeology of …

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