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Tag: Embryo

Cambridge University: Human Embryo Research: Opening the “Black Box”

Cambridge research that will enable scientists to grow and study embryos in the lab for almost two weeks has been named as the People’s Choice for Science magazine’s ‘Breakthrough of the Year 2016’. Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz at the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience has developed a new technique that allows embryos to develop in …

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Cambridge University: Volvox embryo turning itself inside out

Researchers have captured the first 3D video of a living algal embryo turning itself inside out, from a sphere to a mushroom shape and back again. The results could help unravel the mechanical processes at work during a similar process in animals, which has been called the “most important time in your life.  

Cambridge University: Mouse embryo developing over time

In this video from, we see a mouse embryo developing. Erica Watson, Cambridge University, tells us that studying this process helps us better understand human pregnancy.