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Tag: Dinosaurs

Newly Discovered Dinosaur Is Named After Ghostbuster’s Zuul

Researchers have named a newly discovered dinosaur species after the Zuul monster from the original Ghostbusters movie. The dinosaur’s full name is ‘Zuul Crurivastator’ and was an armored dinosaur with a 10 foot-long tail (3 meters) covered in armor. It and other Ankylosauridae walked around on Earth about 75 million years ago. The dinosaur was …

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Paleontologists Discovered the Largest Ever Dinosaur Footprint in Australia

Image Courtesy of Steven Salisbury

A team of Australian paleontologists from the University of Queensland has found the largest-ever dinosaur footprint in an area entitled “Australia’s Jurassic Park.” The findings were published in the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology on March 24. Here, lead author Dr. Steve Salisbury of The University of Queensland School of Biological Sciences discusses the diversity of …

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American Museum of Natural History: Transformation: Dinosaurs to Birds

This spellbinding animation from the Museum’s new exhibition “Dinosaurs Among Us” traces the evolutionary transition from dinosaurs to birds.  

Florida State University: Research Team Discovers ‘Lost World’ of Cold Weather Dinosaurs

A collaborative team between Florida State University and the University of Alaska Fairbanks has spent the last five years digging in a remote bone-bed of dinosaur remains in the remote Prince Creek Formation in Alaska. FSU Professor Gregory Erickson is excited for the new species of duck-billed dinosaurs uncovered in the dig and believes it …

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Jacob T. Swinney: Hearing Jurassic Park

Jacob T. Swinney has put together this short with the sound of dinosaurs. As the Jurassic Park sound designer, Gary Rydstrom, gave life to dinosaurs back in in 1993. Swinney writes; using a vast combination of source sounds that ranged from lions to dolphins, Rydstrom was able to give a voice to creatures that have …

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Nature: A new dinosaur | Flying without feathers

Birds evolved from dinosaurs – but it wasn’t a smooth transition. Plenty of creatures tried different ways to get into the air – like this newly discovered dinosaur species, Yi qi, unearthed in China. This pigeon-sized creature had elongated fingers that held a membrane wing, more like a bat than a bird. In this Nature …

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Thomas Holtz: The Life and Times of Tyrannosaurus rex

Recent discoveries reveal new clues about the evolution of T. rex from a small fuzzy carnivore to one of the largest predators ever to walk the Earth. Studies of the tyrant king’s eyes, nose, brain, claws, jaws, teeth, and legs create a clearer picture of how T. rex lived, fed, and fought. We can now …

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AMNH: Google Glass in the Gobi: Dinosaur Nest

Published on Apr 18, 2014 Last summer, a team led by the American Museum of Natural History’s Provost of Science Mike Novacek and Paleontology Division Chair Mark Norell headed to the Gobi for the joint American Museum of Natural History/Mongolian Academy of Sciences expedition. The group included Aki Watanabe, one of Mark Norell’s students at …

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