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Tag: Debt

Why the Federal Debt Still Matters: A Panel about our Fiscal Future

The Murphy Institute at Tulane University and the Campaign to Fix the Debt are co-sponsoring a conference on the federal debt Presenters: William Gale, Co-Director of the Tax Policy Center, Brookings Institution Paul Stebbins, Executive Chairman, World Fuel Services Corporation Todd McCracken, President, National Small Business Association Moderator: Steven Sheffrin, Director of the Murphy Institute …

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Takatoshi Ito: The Chinese Property Bubble: Can Lessons be Learned from Japan’s Lost Decade?

In this public lecture, Pacific Leadership Fellow Takatoshi Ito talks about the circumstances that led to Japan’s financial crisis two decades ago. He compares and contrasts those events with the Chinese property market boom that’s occurring today, examining the United States’ role in both situations. The Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (IR/PS), …

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University of California : Manuel Castells: An overview of the current global economic conundrum

USC Professor Manuel Castells discuses the crisis of global capitalism that has unfolded since 2008 and the implications for globalization theory. The talk was held 2/25/2011, but is still relevant today. Manuel Castells was awarded the 2012 Holberg Prize, for having “shaped our understanding of the political dynamics of urban and global economies in the …

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