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Tag: Dawn (NASA)

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Fly Over Dwarf Planet Ceres

A new video animation of dwarf planet Ceres, based on images taken by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, provides dramatic flyover views of this heavily cratered, mysterious world. The images come from Dawn’s first mapping orbit at Ceres, at an altitude of 8,400 mile (13,600 kilometers), as well as navigational images taken from 3,200 miles (5,100 kilometers) …

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NASA’s movie of Ceres rotating, May 4, 2015

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft, on approach to dwarf planet Ceres, has acquired snapshots of this mysterious world. After the spacecraft arrives and enters into orbit around the dwarf planet, it will study the intriguing world in great detail. Ceres, with a diameter of 590 miles (950 kilometers), is the largest object in the main asteroid belt, …

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NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Crazy Engineering | Ion Propulsion and the Dawn Mission

Ion propulsion isn’t something found only in science fiction. JPL engineer Mike Meacham looks at how ion engines are being used to drive NASA’s Dawn spacecraft through the solar system. Dawn is approaching dwarf planet Ceres in the main asteroid belt with arrival expected in March 2015. Previously, Dawn orbited Vesta, the second-largest body in …

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