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Optoelectronics Research Centre: Eternal 5D optical data storage: high density data storage for all-time

Using nanostructured glass, scientists from the Optoelectronics Research Centre record five dimensional (5D) digital data by femtosecond laser writing. The storage allows unprecedented properties including 360 TB/disc data capacity, thermal stability up to 1,000°C and virtually unlimited lifetime at room temperature (13.8 billion years at 190°C ) opening a new era of eternal data archiving. …

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Autodesk’s Carl Bass: The power of ‘infinite computing’

Carl Bass: President and CEO of Autodesk, a world leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software and services talks to Wired 2013 about Infinite computing, coupled with smaller companies now having an “unfailing belief in themselves and the ability to solve problems” means that we have a never-ending scalable resource WIRED 2013 is the …

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Anders Ynnerman: Visualizing the medical data explosion

TED presents Anders Ynnerman who shows us the immense world of medical data today. Medical scans producing thousands of images and terabytes of data for a single patient in mere seconds, but how do doctors parse this information and determine what’s useful? Scientific visualization expert Ynnerman shows us sophisticated new tools — like virtual autopsies …

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