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Tag: Dark Matter

Fermilab: “Probing the Dark Universe” – A Lecture by Dr. Josh Frieman

In this one-hour public lecture Josh Frieman, director of the Dark Energy Survey, presents an overview of our current knowledge of the universe and describe new experiments and observatories. Over the last two decades cosmologists have made remarkable discoveries: Only 4 percent of our universe is made of ordinary matter – atoms, molecules, etc. The …

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Gresham College: Professor Carolin Crawford | The Search for Dark Matter

An introduction to the hunt for dark matter that takes us up to the most current research and theories. The stars and galaxies, dark matter does not give off any radiation – we can only detect it through its gravitational pull. It accounts for a quarter of the Universe, yet we do not yet understand …

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ESA: Euronews | The dark side

All we can see around us, from planet Earth to distant galaxies, represents just five per cent of the Universe – the rest is dark energy or dark matter. So what do we know and what do we not know about these elusive components of the cosmos? The simple answer is that we don’t know …

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Lisa Randall: Expanding Our Horizons | Matter, Space, and the Universe

This session explores the almost unfathomable scales of theoretical physics, from the mysterious properties of dark matter to the depths of our universe and beyond. Experiments, like the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva that smashes together protons at high energies, tell us about the smallest length scales we can observe today while measurements of the …

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SLAC Public Lecture: The Dark Universe Through Einstein’s Lens

Debbie Bard, a staff scientist at SLAC and a member of the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology, delivered the July 23 SLAC Public Lecture, “The Dark Universe Through Einstein’s Lens.” Bard’s talk explains the phenomenon known as gravitational lensing and how astrophysicists use it to explore the 95 percent of the universe that …

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NASA: Space Station Instrument Finds Excess Antimatter

The first results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer aboard the International Space Station were discussed during a Press Briefing at NASA Headquarters. Those results confirm an unexplained excess of high-energy positrons in Earth-bound cosmic rays. Antimatter is rare in the universe today.  

Patricia Burchat: Shedding light on dark matter

FILMED FEB 2008 • POSTED AUG 2008 • TED2008 TED presents Physicist Patricia Burchat, who sheds light on two basic ingredients of our universe: dark matter and dark energy. Comprising 96% of the universe between them, they can’t be directly measured, but their influence is immense. Patricia Burchat: Shedding light on dark matter [FMP width=”720″ height=”400″]http://www.ourprg.com/Video/PatriciaBurchat_2008-480p-en.mp4[/FMP]  

SETI Talks: Chris Fassnacht: The Dark Side of the Universe

SETI Talks: In this talk Dr. Fassnacht will show how the powerful combination of sensitive, high-resolution imaging with gravitational lensing can provide direct observational tests of galaxy formation scenarios under the cold dark matter paradigm as well as interesting constraints on cosmology. In particular, he will discuss the following two subjects. (1) Placing constraints on …

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