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Tag: Dan Snow

Viking Ship at Sea 360 Video Tour with Dan Snow

Watch this 360 tour of a Viking ship at sea! The video quality isn’t excellent, but it doesn’t matter when brilliant British historian Dan Snow gives us unprecedented insight into the ancient technology of the Vikings.  

CBC: Possible New Viking Site in Newfoundland

Researchers believe they’ve found a second Viking settlement in Newfoundland.  

BBC: A Soldier’s Food – WW1 Uncut with Dan Snow

Without good food, no battles could be won. Did British or German soldiers eat better in the First World War? Historian Dan Snow puts it to the test.  

Lunar Mission One: What is Lunar Mission One?

A British-led venture called Lunar Mission One has begun a crowdfunding effort to send a robotic lander to the moon with a monster drill. It has been in the planning for seven years. Using innovative drilling technology to deliver extraordinary new insights into the origins of the Moon and the Earth. The mission has the …

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