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Tag: Colombia University

Columbia University: Religion and the State in Islam: From Medieval Caliphate to the Muslim Brotherhood

A lecture with Columbia University Professor, Richard Bulliet. Sponsored by the Center for Middle East Studies and the Religious Studies Department at the University of Denver. Professor Bulliet is a Professor of History at Columbia and author of numerous books on the Middle East and Islam, including “Islam: The View from the Edge” (1993) and …

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Columbia University: Astrophysicists & Neil deGrasse Tyson on LIGO

Neil deGrasse Tyson took the stage together with other astrophysicists at the Columbia University to speak after a historic result was revealed: the first direct detection of gravitational waves.  

Colombia University: A Miniature Car Driven by Evaporation

This is the world’s first miniature car driven only by evaporation. Credit: Chen et al.  

Columbia University discussion: Why Nations Succeed | The Building Blocks

Despite may years of research and interventions, the modern world is characterized by extraordinary wealth combined with widespread poverty and violence. This panel brings together respected scholars from Anthropology, Economics, Finance and Law to discuss the challenges before us and how their research may provide new ways to tackle these issues and build successful nations. …

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The History of Science: Snakes, Lizards, and Manuscripts

Published on Jan 14, 2014 Drawing on techniques from both laboratory and archival research, history professor Pamela Smith crosses the science/humanities divide and explores the surprising relationships between manuscripts and experiments; between today’s lab and yesterday’s workshop; and between early modern conceptions of nature and our own understanding of science, art, and scholarship. Columbia University …

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10 Years of the First PhD in Sustainable Development with Jeffrey Sachs & Joseph Stiglitz

Published on Mar 20, 2014 The School of International and Public Affairs and The Earth Institute, Columbia University present, “Celebrating 10 Years of the First PhD in Sustainable Development: Research Challenges in Sustainable Development.” Panelists: Joseph E. Stiglitz University Professor Co-director, Sustainable Development PhD Program Jeffrey D. Sachs Director of The Earth Institute, Quetelet Professor …

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