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Tag: Civilization

Mind Warehouse: What Would Happen If Humans Disappeared?

Imagine that all people suddenly disappeared from the planet. The reason is irrelevant, just imagine the result. Now we are going to tell what is going to happen after we are gone.

Jared Diamond @ London Real: Guns, Germs, & Steel

Jared Diamond, Pulitzer Prize winner of “Guns, Germs, & Steel”. Jared Diamond is the Pulitzer Prize winning author of the International Bestsellers “Guns, Germs, & Steel” , “Collapse” and his new book “The World Until Yesterday” and a professor at UCLA known for drawing from a variety of fields (AKA “polymath”) including anthropology, ecology, geography, …

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PBS: Easter Island

Travel to Easter Island to discover the secrets of this vanished civilization through the “moai,” the massive headstones that these ancient islanders created to achieve peace and harmony, yet resulted in geological disaster. Click to enlarge below video.