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Tag: City

Trak: Paris, The City of Light

A short film by Trak. Director: Benjamin Trancart (Trak). Music: Yasawas-Amon Tobin Described as: “Paris, City of Light doesn’t mean “the city with a lot of beautiful lights” but, rather, “the city where, during the eighteenth century, the lights of science (with the biologists like Buffon or Jussieu and with the encyclopedy writers like Diderot or d’Alembert) and …

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Toronto Lightning Storm

A short-film about a lightning storm over Toronto, Canada.  Filmed by Sam Havanrouh with 347 frames shot on Canon 5D Mark II and Sigma 12-24. 15 seconds exposures at f8, at 17 seconds intervals. Sound was captured separately at the time of shooting this, on a ZOOM H4n. Toronto Lightning Storm from Sam Javanrouh on Vimeo.

Shanghai E-motion

Shanghai in motion timelapse filmed by Boysun.  

static : pulse

Static: Pulse is a short-film about Tokyo, at present time the most populous urban area in the world with 37 million people, by Samuel Cockedey who describes the film: Static a. inactive, not in physical motion b. of or relating to bodies at rest or forces in equilibrium c. a crackling or hissing noise caused …

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The Sandpit

The Sandpit by Sam O’Hare is a tilt-shift short film about a day in the life of New York City, in miniature. This short film has been awarded as winner of Prix Ars Electronica Award of Distinction 2010 and nominee for Webby Awards 2011, as best viral, best Music. It is a spectacularly beautiful film …

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