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Tag: Cave Art

TED: Why Are These 32 Symbols Found in Caves All Over Europe | Genevieve von Petzinger

Is human history older than we think? Genevieve von Petzinger is an anthropologist from the University of Victoria. She has studied hundreds of markings from 300 sites in addition to personally visiting and examining 52 caves where ancient humans had lived located in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France. She has collected markings in a database …

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The Telegraph: World’s oldest cave paintings from 40,000 years ago discovered in Indonesia

Scientists have calculated that ancient cave drawings in Indonesia are at least as old as prehistoric art in Europe, laying to rest the idea that a human creativity was first born on the western continent. Using uranium decay levels, scientists concluded that the drawings were made 35,000-40,000 years ago, roughly the same period as drawings …

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