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Tag: Carbon Capture

PNNLgov: Carbon Dioxide Tucked into Basalt Converts to Rock

Researchers at The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have successfully tested a new way to store carbon dioxide. They pumped 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide down into volcanic rock in the state of Washington. Now two years later, the drilling samples show that the carbon dioxide has turned into solid stone. Check out this article Carbon …

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University of California, Berkeley: SF Cleantech Pitchfest | Ideas Transforming Your World

Berkeley Lab’s popular Science at the Theater traveled across the Bay to San Francisco’s Marines’ Memorial Theatre on June 1st, 2016, to present the Lab’s first Cleantech Pitchfest. Which of 6 big new ideas designed to help transform our carbon-drenched, overheating world should get the first shot? Six Berkeley Lab scientists had 8 minutes each …

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CarbonEngineering: Industrial-scale capture of CO2 from ambient air

This video explains the rationale and motivation behind direct capture of CO2 from the atmosphere (air capture), the air capture process itself, and what Carbon Engineering is doing to commercialize air capture in today’s economy.    

University of Colorado Boulder: Recycle CO2 into a Fuel using Sunlight

Design organic photocatalyst to chemically recycle carbon dioxide (CO2) into a liquid fuel (methanol) using sunlight to power our future!  

CO2 absorbing lamps

French biochemist Pierre Calleja and his team has built a “lamp” by using algae to absorb 150 times more carbon dioxide than a regular tree. The algae in the lamp absorbs CO2 and convert as much CO2 in a year as a regular tree does throughout its lifetime. These lamps are composed of a tube containing algae, …

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