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Tag: Cancer Immunology

University of California: Engineering Immune Cells to Recognize and Kill Cancer

Immune cells are the body’s natural way of attacking infections and other invading pathogens. However, since cancer is not foreign (tumors are mutated versions of the body’s own cells), immune cells do not attack most cancer cells. Find out how scientists are using immune proteins to mobilize immune cells to fight cancer with Michael Fischbach, …

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Nature Video: Immunology wars | Monoclonal antibodies

Our immune systems are at war with cancer. This animation by Nature, reveals how monoclonal antibodies can act as valuable reinforcements to shore up our defenses – and help battle cancer.  

Slush: Fireside at Slush 2015 | Cancer Immunotherapy with Oncolytic Viruses

Fireside chat with Akseli Hemminki (TILT therapeutics) & Timo Ahopelto (Lifeline Ventures) at Slush 2015.  

Cancer Research UK : Finding immune cells that can tackle evolving cancers

Cancer Research UK scientists may have found the tools necessary to give immunotherapy the precision guidance that patients so desperately need.  

Nature: Tumour immunology and immunotherapy

This animation created by Nature Reviews Cancer and Nature Reviews Immunology illustrates how tumour cells are sensed and destroyed by cells of the immune system and how tumours can evolve to evade immune-mediated elimination. Scientists are developing new immunotherapies that help the immune system to ‘fight back’ — the animation explains how these exciting new …

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