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Caltech: The Making of the Milky Way

Simulated view of the formation of our Milky Way galaxy. The simulation begins moments after the birth of the universe 13.8 billion years ago and ends with our mature, present-day Milky Way galaxy. Pockets of matter are seen growing in size, and merging with each other, due to the force of gravity. The clock in …

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Caltech: Gut Feelings: How Intestinal Bacteria Regulate Emotion and Behavior – S. Mazmanian

Caltech celebrated the launch of Break Through: The Caltech Campaign—an ambitious fundraising initiative that will help secure the Institute’s future. The celebration began with a symposium for the entire campus community: faculty, students, staff, alumni, family, and friends. A faculty member from each division explored briefly a seminal question and its potential to change the …

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Caltech: Ripples in Spacetime: Our New Window On the Universe

On February 23, 2016, Caltech and LIGO scientists held a panel discussion about the recent detection of gravitational waves and what this discovery will mean for our ongoing understanding and exploration of our universe. Speakers included President Thomas Rosenbaum, Fiona Harrison, Kip Thorne, Barry Barish, Mike Landy, Alan Weinstein, Mansi Kasliwal, Anamaria Effler, Rana Adhikari, …

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Caltech: Einstein’s General Relativity, from 1905 to 2005 – Kip Thorne – 11/16/2005

“Einstein’s General Relativity, from 1905 to 2005: Warped Spacetime, Black Holes, Gravitational Waves, and the Accelerating Universe,” was presented as part of the Einstein Centennial Lecture Series and Earnest C. Watson Lecture Series at Caltech. Professor Thorne was introduced by Tom Tombrello, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Physics and Division Chair of Physics, Mathematics, …

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Caltech: LIGO: The First Observation of Gravitational Waves

On September 14, 2015, LIGO observed ripples in the fabric of spacetime. This video narrative tells the story of the science behind that important detection.  

Caltech: The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein: The Digital Edition

THE DIGITAL EINSTEIN PAPERS is a unique website providing full public access to the translated and annotated writings of the most influential scientist of the twentieth century: Albert Einstein. The site makes available all volumes of The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein and contains 5,000 documents covering the first forty-four years of Einstein’s life, up …

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Niel deGrasse Tyson: Delusions of Space Enthusiasts – Personal Perspectives

Published on Mar 24, 2014 The California Institute of Technology, Graduate Aeronautical Laboratories (GALCIT), Northrop Grumman Space Technology, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory hosted “Fifty Years in Space” — an international conference in celebration of the 50th anniversary of space exploration — at the California Institute of Technology from September 19-21, 2007. Noted luminaries, including …

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Mike Brown: The Exploration of the Outer Solar System

Published on Mar 3, 2014 Produced in association with Caltech Academic Media Technologies. Talk held at Caltech: California Institute of Technology.  

B. Ehlmann: The Future of Mars Exploration

Produced in association with Caltech Academic Media Technologies. Talk held at Caltech: California Institute of Technology.  

Morgan Cable: Unraveling the Mysteries of Titan Using Lab on a Chip

Published on Jul 10, 2013 Titan, the moon of Saturn with a thick atmosphere and liquid hydrocarbon lakes, is considered the best target in the solar system for the study of organic chemistry on a planetary scale. Solar radiation and energetic particles activate methane and nitrogen in the atmosphere of Titan, which react to form …

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JPL’s RoboSimian

Meet RoboSimian, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s official entry at the DARPA Robotics Challenge in December 2013. Also known as “Clyde,” the robot is is four-footed, but can also stand on two feet. It has four general-purpose limbs and hands capable of both mobility and manipulation. It came in 5th place out of 16 entries. See …

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