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Tag: Buddhism

SOAS, University of London: Andrew Huxley: T W Rhys Davids and the Forged Relics of the Buddha

Professor T.W. Rhys Davids (1843-1922) made himself into an expert on Pali Buddhism. He founded the Pali Text Society, the Buddhist Society, and initiated the campaign for a School of Oriental and African Studies. I concentrate on 1887 to 1906, the years in which he was employed as Secretary of the Royal Asiatic Society, and …

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CCTV+: Image of Destroyed Bamiyan Buddhist Statue Recovered by Chinese with Lighting Technology

It has been almost 15 years since the Taliban blew up the giant Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan. But they have now returned with the help of some modern tech. The Chinese couple Janson Yu and Liyan Hu developed a projector with which it is possible to project a 3D image of a Buddha statue …

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Matthieu Ricard: How to let altruism be your guide

What is altruism? Put simply, it’s the wish that other people may be happy. And, says Matthieu Ricard, a happiness researcher and a Buddhist monk, altruism is also a great lens for making decisions, both for the short and long term, in work and in life.  

Derek Gillman: Chinese Buddhist Art During the 10th-12th Centuries

Derek Gillman, Executive Director and President of the Barnes Foundation, considers a famous Penn Museum artifact as a jumping off point for this talk. The celebrated glazed earthenware luohan in the Museum’s Chinese Rotunda belongs to the most important surviving (although incomplete) set of Chinese Buddhist ceramic sculptures. These life-sized figures were discovered during the …

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