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Tag: Bioinspired Robotics

Nature: Soft Robots

Robots aren’t usually soft and squidgy. But inspired by the octopus, engineers are creating robots that can twist their way around problems that rigid robots can’t handle.  

IEEE Spectrum: Harvard RoboBee Diving, Hovering, Swimming

“Hybrid Aerial and Aquatic Locomotion in an At-Scale Robotic Insect,” by Yufeng Chen, E. Farrell Helbling, Nick Gravish, Kevin Ma, and Robert J. Wood from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University was presented at IROS 2015 in Hamburg, Germany.    

Cambridge University: Bio-inspired robotics

Fumiya Iida’s research looks at how robotics can be improved by taking inspiration from nature, whether that’s learning about intelligence, or finding ways to improve robotic locomotion. A robot requires between ten and 100 times more energy than an animal to do the same thing. Iida’s lab is filled with a wide array of hopping …

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Harvard University: Bioinspired Robotics: Smarter, Softer, Safer

The Bioinspired Robotics platform at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering looks into Nature to obtain insights for the development of new robotic components that are smarter, softer, and safer than conventional industrial robots. By looking at natural intelligence, collective behavior, biomechanics, and material properties not found in manmade systems, scientists at the Wyss …

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