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Tag: Austria

Konstantin Schreiter: Alpinelapse

Filmed by Konstantin Screiter, this time-lapse short film filmed in Austria is simply stunning. The footage for this short timelapse film was mainly captured in 2014 during a hiking trip in the Alps in Austria (“Lechquellrunde”). Some of the scenes are from 2012 from another hike at the border between Austria and Germany (“Steinernes Meer”). …

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Geoff Tompkinson: HyperZooming through Hallstatt

The beautiful historic town of Hallstatt is a Unesco World Heritage site in Upper Austria. It is located near the Hallstätter See (a lake). At the 2001 census, it had 946 inhabitants. This beautiful and very disorienting short of Hallstad was created by Geoff Tompkinsson, he writes; It is visited by many thousands of tourists …

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Andrew Walker: Moment Abroad

A short film by Andrew Walker who describes; these timelapse shots were taken while I was exploring the areas around Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic back in late September. Really enjoyed my time there and it was interesting visiting places that have been around for so long and seen so much history. Was shot …

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