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Tag: Athletic Performance

TITANVORTEX: Japanese Sprinter Sets New World Record For Oldest Competitor

Hidekichi Miyazaki has once again broken his own record for Oldest competitive sprinter after running in the 100m at the Kyoto Masters Athletics Autumn Competition in Kyoto, Japan. Miyazaki was born on 22 September 1910 and has just celebrated his 105th birthday. The impressive centenarian finished the race in just 42.22 seconds, greeted by his …

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Red Bull: Intense 400m Vertical Running Race

400 meters…not too bad, right? We’ll when you’re running up a agonizing vertical ski slope, it’s not bad…it’s grueling. Really grueling. And the famous Planicaski jump in Slovenia is far from forgiving with it’s insanely steep grade. Take a look at what just might be one of the toughest 400m race ever run.