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Tag: Astrophysics

PBS: Space Time | Did Dark Energy Just Disappear?

Did all of dark energy just vanish? A team of scientists have just analyzed new data and claim that we need to completely rethink its existence. PBS Space Time is once again talking about dark energy. A team of researchers has announced a new analysis of updated supernova data. They claim that the data are …

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Gresham College: A Cosmic Perspective: Panel Discussion

The Royal Society was founded at a Gresham College lecture delivered by Robert Hooke. We imagine that it would have been something like this panel which features five of the Emeritus Gresham Professors of Astronomy and thus the leading thinkers in the field. Together, the panel tackles issues of profound importance to the future of …

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Avi Loeb: The Past and Future of Our Universe

Published on Mar 27, 2014 As the expansion of the universe accelerates, every galaxy that now fills the night sky will pass beyond our visible horizon. Cosmology will no longer be an observational science because all we will be able to observe is our own galaxy. At that time, will we have to take the …

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