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AsapSCIENCE: Could You Transfer Your Consciousness To Another Body?

Consciousness is the quality or state of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself. Since our consciousness exists in a series of brain cells, is it therefore possible to transfer this physical biological “data” to a machine, or another body ? AsapSCIENCE aims to answer. The science fiction movie …

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AsapSCIENCE: You’re Not What You Think You Are

What exactly are you? Really? Asap Science got an answer. Written by Annik Carson, Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown. Created by Mitchell Moffit.  

AsapSCIENCE: The Science of Laziness

Why are some people so lazy? Is there a couch-potato gene?  

AsapSCIENCE·: What If You Stopped Drinking Water?

What would happen to your body without water? AsapSCIENCE got the answer.  

AsapSCIENCE: Why Do We Yawn?

What makes yawning so contagious?