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Tag: Art

The Creators Project: Robot Art: Harvey Moon’s Drawing Machines

These robots can draw portraits, give visual form to a cricket’s movements, or interpret Google Earth as an abstract picture. Through designing, building, and programming machines to draw, new media artist Harvey Moon discusses how he surrenders control and artistic license to his robot collaborators in the video above.  

The Planetary Society: Why Create Space Art?

This is a panel discussion hosted by The Planetary Society on “Why Create Space Art?”. Held at Planetfest in 2012 on Aug the 4th. Featuring Jon Ramer, Don Davis, Rick Sternbach, Don Dixon, and Aldo Spadoni. Image credit: Don Dixon.  

Derek Gillman: Chinese Buddhist Art During the 10th-12th Centuries

Derek Gillman, Executive Director and President of the Barnes Foundation, considers a famous Penn Museum artifact as a jumping off point for this talk. The celebrated glazed earthenware luohan in the Museum’s Chinese Rotunda belongs to the most important surviving (although incomplete) set of Chinese Buddhist ceramic sculptures. These life-sized figures were discovered during the …

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Bran Ferren: To create for the ages, let’s combine art and engineering

TED2014 · 20:12 · Filmed Mar 2014 When Bran Ferren was just 9, his parents took him to see the Pantheon in Rome — and it changed everything. In that moment, he began to understand how the tools of science and engineering become more powerful when combined with art, with design and beauty. Ever since, …

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Gabe Barcia-Colombo: My DNA vending machine

Filmed August 2013 at TED Fellows Retreat 2013 Vending machines generally offer up sodas, candy bars and chips. Not so for the one created by TED Fellow Gabe Barcia-Colombo. This artist has dreamed up a DNA Vending Machine, which dispenses extracted human DNA, packaged in a vial along with a collectible photo of the person who …

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Adam Magyar: Photos of time

Adam Magyar talks about using industrial cameras and computers to photograph and process urban images that capture a moment of time and then visually expand it. He calls it the “transformation of reality by the camera.” Adam Magyar: Photos of time from PopTech on Vimeo.

Thomas P. Campbell: Weaving narratives in museum galleries

TED presents Thomas P. Campbell, as the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, Campbell thinks deeply about curating—not just selecting art objects, but placing them in a setting where the public can learn their stories. With glorious images, he shows how his curation philosophy works for displaying medieval tapestries—and for the …

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