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Tag: Antibiotic resistance

Discovery News: Is The Next Antibiotic Hiding Deep Within The Ocean?

What do you get when you combine the strongest materials from the plant world with the most elastic ones from the insect kingdom? Super-performing materials that might transform … everything. Nanobiotechnologist Oded Shoseyov walks us through examples of amazing materials found throughout nature, in everything from cat fleas to sequoia trees, and shows the creative …

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Uppsala University: Antibiotic Resistance: The Silent Tsunami

Understand antibiotic resistance and what actions are needed to address this increasingly serious global health threat – watching this little animated video by Uppsala University. Antibiotic resistance occurs when bacteria change in some way that reduces or eliminates the effectiveness of drugs, chemicals, or other agents designed to cure or prevent infections. The bacteria survive …

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Ultraviolet light zaps superbugs at UPMC hospitals

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Passavant is the latest to use UV robots for another layer of disinfection in their facility. Mark Hundley, director of environmental services at UPMC Passavant, explains their disinfecting robot, Violet.