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Tag: Anthropocene

Stockholm Resilience Centre: Lorenzo Fioramonti on the need for a horizontal economy in Africa

This lecture focused on “Opportunities for creating a Good Anthropocene in southern Africa”. It stimulated thinking and action around shaping a positive future for the region that simultaneously meets ecological sustainability imperatives as well as pressing needs for human development and social justice. Dr. Lorenzo Fioramonti represents the Centre for Governance Innovation, University of Pretoria. …

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GoPro: The Search for the Blue Whale – A Prelude to ‘Racing Extinction’

An in-depth short documentary and behind the scenes of the Blue Whale opening sequence from the feature film ‘Racing Extinction’. Louie Psihoyos and the Oceanic Preservation Society, the same team who brought you the Academy Award winning film ‘The Cove’, bring professional freedivers and GoPro Original Productions together to film something truly unique and never …

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Stockholm Resilience Centre TV: How will the world evolve towards the middle of the century?

A seminar with Professor Jörgen Randers at Stockholm Resilience Centre. Jorgen Randers is professor of climate strategy at the BI Norwegian Business School, where he works on climate and energy issues, scenario analysis and system dynamics. Prof Randers has spent one third of his life in academia, one third in business and one third in …

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Yale University: Earthland: Envisioning a Sustainable Civilization

In the inaugural lecture of the Visions of a Sustainable World Speaker Series, Dr. Raskin presents a history from the future which describes a sustainable planetary civilization and how we got there. Dr. Raskin is the President and Founder of the Tellus Institute, the Founder of the Global Scenario Group, and a leader of the …

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The Aspen Institute: Stewardship in the Anthropocene

Aspen Environment Forum, 2010. Panelists: Jan Zalasiewicz, Jerry Glover, Jonathan Foley and Richard Cizik Moderator: Andrew Revkin