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Tag: Antarctica

ESA: Larsen-C crack across Antarctic ice shelf

As you probably know, an ice sheet about the size of New Jersey is about to be broken off from Antarctica. The ESA Copernicus Sentinel-1 satellite mission is continually monitoring the growing crack in Antarctica’s Larsen-C ice shelf. When the ice shelf breaks off or ‘calves’, it will create one of the largest icebergs ever …

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Australian Antarctic Division: Rare glimpse into Antarctic underwater world

An underwater robot has captured a rare glimpse beneath the Antarctic sea ice, revealing a thriving, colourful world filled with coconut-shaped sponges, dandelion-like worms, pink encrusting algae and spidery starfish. The footage was recorded on a camera attached to a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) deployed by Australian Antarctic Division scientists under the sea ice at …

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Kyle Sullivan: A History of Antarctica

Where Kyle uses pictures to embark on a seven minute quest to befriend a penguin. Seriously, penguins are cool. Kyle Sullivan created this video about the origins of Antarctica, starting with the warm supercontinent Gondwana, where west Antarctica spent time in the Northern Hemisphere and east Antarctica in the tropics. What we know as Antarctica …

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Robert Swan: Let’s save the last pristine continent

2041 will be a pivotal year for our planet. That year will mark the end of a 50-year agreement to keep Antarctica, the Earth’s last pristine continent, free of exploitation. Explorer Robert Swan — the first person to walk both the North and South Poles — is on a mission to ensure that we extend …

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Studiocanoe: Welcome to Union Glacier

Union Glacier is located in the southern Ellsworth Mountains of West Antarctica. This is a short film documentary by Studio Caneoe about a small team of people who live and work on the glacier during the Antarctic summer.  

NASA: West Antarctica Glaciers: Past the Point of No Return

A rapidly disappearing section of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet appears to be on an unstoppable path to complete meltdown. The glaciers contain enough ice to raise global sea level by 4 feet (1.2 meters)  

One year on Antarctica: Halley VI

Would you like to find out how it would be to spend a long time on the desolate continent of Antarctica? This video will show a little something about that. There are no permanent settlements on Antarctica not counting research stations. This video has been filmed at one of those, the British research station Halley …

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