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Tag: Ancient Rome

Beasts in the Night Sky: The Constellation Myths of Greece and Rome

In this lecture, Dr. Patrick Glauthier talk about monsters, Aries the Ram, Taurus the Bull, Cetus the Sea-monster – there are no shortage of mythical animals among the constellations of ancient Greece and Rome. Why do such creatures populate the heavens in the first place? And what did they mean to the societies that first …

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Israel Antiquities Authority: Fascinating evidence of Romans breaking through Jerusalem’s Third Wall

Fascinating evidence of the battlefield and the breaching of the Third Wall that surrounded Jerusalem at the end of the Second Temple period was uncovered last winter in the Russian Compound in the city center. The finds were discovered in an archaeological excavation the Israel Antiquities Authority conducted in the location where the new campus …

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VOX: Ancient Romans had disgusting condiments. Here’s a recipe.

We recently wrote this article on how some ancient roman kids were trying to escape the destruction of Pompeii carrying quite a lot of fish sauce, called ‘garum’. Now VOX have put together this video clip describing the process of making this popular ancient sauce, ‘the roman ketchup’. Garum was an ancient Roman fish sauce …

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The British Museum: How to make 2,000-year-old-bread

In AD 79, a baker put his loaf of bread into the oven. Nearly 2,000 years later it was found during excavations in Herculaneum. The British Museum asked Giorgio Locatelli to recreate the recipe as part of his culinary investigations for ‘Pompeii Live from the British Museum’.  

Cornell University: Shedding new light on the death of Julius Caesar

Barry Strauss, Cornell’s Bowmar Professor in Humanistic Studies and chair of the Department of History, talks about “The Death of Caesar: New Light on History’s Most Famous Assassination” in this July 22, 2015 lecture sponsored by the School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions. Strauss is the author of a highly praised new book on …

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Yale University: The Early Middle Ages, 284-1000 with Paul Freedman | 01/22 | Rome’s Greatness and First Crises

Professor Freedman introduces the major themes of the course: the crisis of the Roman Empire, the rise of Christianity, the threats from barbarian invasions, and the continuity of the Byzantine Empire. At the beginning of the period covered in this course, the Roman Empire was centered politically, logistically, and culturally on the Mediterranean Sea. Remarkable …

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Garrett Fagan: How to Stage a Bloodbath: Gladiators at the Roman Arena

Published on Apr 15, 2014 In this lecture, Dr. Garrett Fagan, Professor of Ancient History, Penn State University, explores the theatrical aspects of Roman arena games—the stage sets, equipment of the fighters, and so forth—that created an artificial landscape in which the violence of the spectacle was staged. He also considers what these features tell …

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PBS: Roman Bath

Tour the crumbling public baths of Rome to learn intimate details of what life was really like for ancient Roman citizens, and in the process, discover the engineering feats that made these baths such an impressive achievement.