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Tag: Aliens

Big Think: Michio Kaku on Alien Brains

Michio Kaku talks about extra terrestrial brains, their potential intelligence, and capacity – in this Big Think video.  

SciShow: Cloudy With A Chance Of Aliens: How We Look for Extraterrestrial Life

What do astronomers look for when they study exoplanets for signs of alien life? Hank explains how space telescopes are already yielding tantalizing clues of what other worlds might hold — including water! — and how the next generation of technology will be able to reveal to us. SciShow discusses science news and history and …

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Jason T. Wright: A WISE search for large extraterrestrial civilizations

Speaker: Jason T. Wright, Penn. State University Slides: astro.psu.edu The WISE all-sky mid-infrared survey has dramatically improved our ability to detect alien civilizations and to distinguish them from “natural” astrophysical sources. Wright discuss his team’s efforts to identify so called candidate Type II civilizations in the Milky Way and Type III civilizations throughout the low-redshift universe. …

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SETI: First Contact

SETI Talks presents a discussion with Marc Kaufman, Jill Tarter, Frank Drake and Seth Shostak on the topic of first contact with extra terrestial life (and perhaps intelligent life). This session begins with a presentation on astrobiology by journalist Marc Kaufman.

Seth Shostak: ET is probably out there — get ready

SETI researcher Seth Shostak bets that we will find extraterrestrial life in the next twenty-four years, or he’ll buy you a cup of coffee. At TEDxSanJoseCA, he explains why new technologies and the laws of probability make the breakthrough so likely — and forecasts how the discovery of civilizations far more advanced than ours might …

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