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Tag: Aircraft

Sploid: The world’s first supersonic private jet just got a lot closer to reality

Private air company Flexjet has placed a 20-unit order on the Aerion AS2, the supersonic private jet developed in collaboration with Airbus using Supersonic Natural Flow technology, created under DARPA and tested by NASA. If everything goes as planed, it will start flying on 2023.  

PatentYogi: Supersonic Roller Coaster-cum-Aircraft patented by an Airbus Group Company

Paul Allen is the less known of the two Microsoft founders and he (Vulcan Inc) has been working on a project called Stratolaunch which will be the world ‘s largest aircraft once completed. The idea is to Stratolaunch be used for launching rockets with satellites from Stratolaunch The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company has …

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Bertrand Piccard: Solar-powered adventure

Adventurer Bertrand Piccard shares his plans at TED to do what many say can’t be done — to fly around the world, day and night, in a solar-powered aircraft.  

John Tracy: The Future of Flight

Fora TV presents John Tracy, CTO of Boeing, who goes beyond Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, and highlights the company’s innovations for the future.

NASA: The Future of Aeronautics

In 2010 NASA´s Edge discussed the future of auronautics in three episodes. Which can all be seen below. Chris interviews Karen Taminger, Associate Principal Investigator of the Subsonic Fixed Wing Project at NASA Langley Research Center. Karen explains NASA’s goals of designing lighter, stronger, more aerodynamic, and more efficient commercial aircraft for the future. Get …

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