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Tag: Agriculture

Fortune Magazine: Agriculture Is Thriving on New York City Rooftops

New York City is not necessarily a place you would expect urban agriculture to thrive. Given how valuable space is in New York City, the city’s rooftops are strangely empty.  

Stockholm Resilience Centre: Overcoming barriers to adopt sustainable agriculture?

Seminar by Ram Fishman, assistant professor of Economics and International Affairs at George Washington University The Stockholm Resilience Centre is a new international centre that advances transdisciplinary research for governance of social-ecological systems with a special emphasis on resilience – the ability to deal with change and continue to develop. It is a joint initiative …

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Cambridge University: Fragile bones from physical inactivity since invention of farming

New research across thousands of years of human evolution shows that our skeletons have become much lighter and more fragile since the invention of agriculture – a result of our increasingly sedentary lifestyles as we shifted from foraging to farming.  

Panel Discussion: Food Exchange – Beyond Pesticides

Beyond Pesticides: Can We Shift to a Pesticide-Free Agriculture? Examining the evidence, from impacts on wildlife to farm-worker children, a panel of leading experts in public health, social science, and policy will ask whether the latest research on endocrine disruption effects on wildlife and humans, the environmental justice issues associated with pesticide drift from farms, …

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Jonathan Foley: Feeding a growing world

In this talk Jonathan Foley from the Institute on the Environment at the University of Minnesota talks about how over nine billion people will be able to eat without undermining the very basis for food production. Jonathan Foley articulated the key challenges to global food security and highlight the latest trends and projections. Foley recently …

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