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How radio telescopes show us unseen galaxies | Natasha Hurley-Walker

Our universe is strange, wonderful and vast, says astronomer Natasha Hurley-Walker. A spaceship can’t carry you into its depths (yet) — but a radio telescope can. In this mesmerizing TED talk, Hurley-Walker shows how she probes the mysteries of the universe using special technology that reveals light spectrums we can’t see. Natasha Hurley-Walker helped with …

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Vox: The fight to rethink (and reinvent) nuclear power

New nuclear energy technology has come a long way – but can we get over our fears? This is the fifth episode of Climate Lab, a six-part series produced by the University of California in partnership with Vox. Hosted by Emmy-nominated conservation scientist Dr. M. Sanjayan, the videos explore the surprising elements of our lives …

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Wired: What happens as we meld with ever more capable machines?

Earlier this year, scientists at the Imperial College London announced smart sensor technology that allows a robot arm to be controlled via signals from nerves in the spinal cord. We, humans, are interacting with robotics to an ever greater extent. Wired explores this robotic augmentation and asks what happens as we meld with ever more …

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Watch David Fincher Direct an Animatronic Bishop in Alien 3

Alien 3 celebrates its 25th anniversary this month, and to celebrate, the Oscar-winning effects house ‘studioADI’ present this gem from deep within the VHS vault. Footage from the prep and rehearsals of the Bishop puppet shoot complete with direction from David Fincher. Despite the aged quality of the video, it’s still an interesting watch demonstrating …

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The First Trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s Star Trek Spoof The Orville

Fox just released the first trailer for the ‘The Orville’ which stars MacFarlane and Adrianne Palicki as a divorced couple who are, similar to Kirk and Spock’s relationship, a little dysfunctional, on a brand new spaceship with a pleasantly crazy crew. The Orville will air later this year on Fox Here’s the synopsis: From Emmy …

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This Is What Will Happen in the Next Billion Years, According to RealLifeLore

Earth is billions of years old already. If we consider it possible that humanity or our descendants will survive for another billion years, then what could we reasonably expect to happen during that time frame?  

The MegaBot Mk.III Heavy Lift Arms and Leg Day

In the MegaBot web-tv series we get to follow MegaBots Inc. building an enormous robot, the Mark 3. The team is now testing the legs and arms of the Mk.II. When completed, it will have a total of 430 horsepowers, be five meters high (15 feet), weigh 5 metric tons (12,000lb) and – among other …

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A Brilliant Optimistic Short About How to Envision a Space Colony

Part of the National Geographic Short Film Showcase that spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the web and selected by National Geographic editors. This short film spotlights how humans in twenty years from now, will live and work in space in record numbers, at least according to Rick Tumlinson, who is a …

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‘The Fisherman’ Is ‘the Old Man and the Sea’ Goes Sci-Fi

JAWS meets ALIEN in the waters off Hong Kong in “The Fisherman”. Directed by Alejandro Suarez Lozano, this really cool sci-fi short is about a one-handed old fisherman on his last legs who battles the depths one more time. The Fisherman have received 35 international awards and close to 200 festival selections around the world. …

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Ancient Horse DNA Shows Scythians Were Adept Domesticators

Nomad Scythian herders roamed vast areas spanning the Central Asian steppes during the Iron Age, approximately from the 9th to the 1st century BCE (Before Common Era). These livestock pastoralists, who lived on wagons covered by tents, left their mark on the history of warfare for their exceptional equestrian skills. They were among the first …

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