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AMNH: Who Was the Hobbit?

Cave where the remainings of Homo floresiensis were discovered in 2003, Lian Bua, Flores, Indonesia. Credit: Rosino.


Ian Tattersall, paleoanthropologist and curator at the American Museum of Natural History, describes the discovery of the LB1 bones (nicknamed the “hobbit”), and the mystery surrounding the nearly complete skeleton.

Two biological anthropologists try lifting the veil obscuring one of paleoanthropology’s intriguing mysteries in this light-hearted debate: who was the hobbit? Found on an obscure island, the tiny, small-brained, big-footed, ‘Homo florensiencsis,’ or ‘the hobbit,’ is unlike any other discovery. Where did this being come from, and who are its ancestors? This program is jointly sponsored by the Leakey Foundation and the California Academy of Sciences.

A Debate: Who Was the Hobbit? from California Academy of Sciences on FORA.tv