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Brian Rose: Great Riddles in Archaeology – Atlantis: The Lost Continent?


When the Greek philosopher Plato first described an advanced civilization that sank beneath the ocean thousands of years ago, most listeners did not take it seriously. But the story acquired new popularity in the 20th century, and explorers have continually looked for evidence of its existence. Dr. C. Brian Rose, Curator, Mediterranean Section, speaks. Sound initially low but higher circa 8 minutes into lecture.


Satellite image by NASA of the islands of Santorini. From the Minoan eruption event, and the 1964 discovery of Akrotiri on the island – has made this location one of many sites purported to have been the location of Atlantis

The Minoan eruption of Thera  was a major catastrophic volcanic eruption which is estimated to have occurred in the mid second millennium BCE.

There are no however no clear ancient records of the eruption; it may have inspired certain Greek myths, it may have caused turmoil in Egypt, and may also be alluded to in a Chinese chronicle (see below article for reference).

Texts, Storms and the Thera eruption