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Brigham Young University: Journey to Petra: Preserving the Ad-Deir Monument

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In Jordan, archaeologists are looking to the past to see if ancient Nabatean technologies can help to preserve the Ad-Deir Monument, also known as The Monastery. A joint effort between Brigham Young University, the Jordanian Department of Antiquities and the Petra Archaeological Park, the Ad-Deir Monument Project is a classical study of the plateau, as well as a conservation effort. The Ad-Deir monument, the largest facade in Petra, is deteriorating from wind and water erosion. By studying the original Nabatean water control systems here, the team hopes to control erosion that is impacting the structure, and to provide resources to benefit the local population “The Nabateans of 2000 years ago created a water engineering system as a gift that can be maximized for Jordan today,” says BYU anthropology professor Cynthia Finlayson, project director.