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50 Centuries in 10 Minutes

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This history lesson was created by youtuber “cardboardking”, a pretty accurate description of all of human history, our kingdoms, empires and nation states, with conquest and losses from the earliest beginnings of human civilization, until today.


A geopolitical history of all empires, nations, kingdoms, armies and republics. More than 500 world maps spanning all historical events up to today. View in the high resolution. Turn on annotations for labels, if you cannot read the key in the upper-left corner. Hi Brian 1/26/16

Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback in the previous video (v=0v5f5DFcn6o) while this was still in production. If you have any questions, think I left something out, or find any mistake, leave a comment. All serious feedback is valuable to me. Also see the FAQ section at the bottom of this description.

Most of what is shown here are civilizations with a writing system and urban centers. There are some exceptions to this where possible. This does not include most pre-historical cultures.