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Discussion: Economic Crisis I

World GDP growth rate and GDP growth rate of total OECD countries. Credit: World Bank Group and OECD.

Yale hosted a panel discussion with Yale Faculty on Understanding the Financial Crisis: The Stimulus, Bailouts and Other Solutions. Panelists included John Geanakoplos (James Tobin Professor of Economics), Jonathan Macey (Deputy Dean of the Yale Law School), William Nordhaus (Sterling Professor of Economics) and Robert Shiller (Arthur M. Okun Professor of Economics). The discussion was moderated by Yale University President Richard Levin (Frederick William Beinecke Professor of Economics).

Feb 25, 2009


Some of the world’s brightest economic minds came together at the UCLA Anderson School of Management to discuss the current financial crisis. Moderated by Bloomberg News’ L.A. bureau chief Seth Lubove, the panel discussion focused on events leading up to the current economic turmoil; possible solutions, including the recent $700 billion bailout plan; and whether the country is facing the possibility of another Great Depression.

Panelists included UCLA Anderson School of Management faculty Edward Leamer, Chauncey J. Medberry Professor of Management and director of the UCLA Anderson Forecast; Francis Longstaff, Allstate Professor of Insurance and Finance; and Richard Roll, Japan Alumni Professor of International Finance.

Jan 5, 2009

And a more recent discussion at the Ford Hall Forum, the oldest free public lecture series in the United States.

By The Ford Hall Forum at Suffolk University:

Yaron Brook, President and Executive Director of the Ayn Rand Institute, and Peter Kadzis, Editor of the Boston Phoenix and former contributor to Money, Forbes, and the Boston Business Journal, join Ford Hall Forum President Dominick Ianno to debate the lessons learned during the financial crisis — from bailouts to reforms to our efforts to prevent another economic disaster.

Aug 13, 2012