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Discussion: Future of the Global Economy: Optimism or Pessimism?

Trade blocs in the world where regional barriers to trade, (tariffs and non-tariff barriers) are reduced or eliminated among the participating states.

Fora TV presents a discussion and debate on the topic of the economic development in the world. With leading journalists and academics debating whether we should view the future of the global economy through the lens of optimism or pessimism. In an argument in support of an optimistic global outlook, Dr. Parag Khanna of the Hybrid Reality Institute cites advancements in the ability for humans to communicate, innovate, and travel as drivers of a new world economy.

Event Date: 2012-11-16. Speakers: Dr. Erik Jones, Anatole Kaletsky, Dr. John Kay, Dr. Parag Khanna and James Naughtie.

Future of the Global Economy: Optimism or Pessimism? from Hindustan Times on FORA.tv