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Category: History: Prehistory

Are These the Oldest Modern Human Fossils Ever Found?

A great and surprising discovery has been made in the search for the origin of humankind in the form of the oldest fossil known, much older. The new fossil findings point to that our species Homo sapiens could be significantly older than we knew. The discovery was made in Morocco, where paleoanthropologists have found fossils …

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Nature: The first Americans: Clues to an ancient migration

An archaeological site in California may have opened up a whole new chapter in the history of humans in the Americas. Researchers claim the site shows evidence of humans interacting with the bones of a mastodon, an ice age relative of elephants and mammoths. New dating suggests the site may be 130,000 years old – …

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Study claims humans reached Americas 100,000 years earlier than thought

An archaeological site in California may have opened up a whole new chapter in the history of humans in the Americas. Researchers claim the site shows evidence of humans interacting with the bones of a mastodon – based on broken rocks and mastodon bones found in California – an ice age relative of elephants and …

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TED Ed: How much of human history is on the bottom of the ocean?

Sunken relics, ghostly shipwrecks, and lost cities aren’t just wonders found in fictional adventures. Beneath the ocean’s surface, there are ruins where people once roamed and shipwrecks loaded with artifacts from another time. Peter Campbell takes us into the huge underwater museum that is our ocean to see what these artifacts can tell us about …

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Nature Video: Monkeys can make stone tools too

Stone flakes made by capuchin monkeys look remarkably similar to stone tools made by early humans 2-3 million years ago, raising questions about the archaeological record. The capuchins make the fragments unintentionally while bashing rocks into dust, the researchers find. Some scientists say that the results call into question whether some stone tools have been …

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NGP: Human Migration

Researchers investigated the role that climate played when modern humans first walked out of Africa. A new computer model shows how human migration across the world took place. The scientists did their calculations of what will be the most comprehensive climate historical model made to date.  

Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell: What Happened Before History? Human Origins

Humans. We have been around for a while now. When we think about our past we think about ancient civilizations, the pyramids, stuff like that. But this is only a tiny, tiny part of our history.

Harvard University: The Genetic History of Ice Age Europe

David Reich describes the three biggest discoveries about European pre-history that were revealed through genome-wide analyses of 51 ice-age-era humans.  

Natural History Museum: Making a Neanderthal flint stone tool

Watch a flint knapper make a Levallois core and flake, an innovative stone tool developed by the Neanderthals and early Homo sapiens. Find out about human tool-making capabilities and five key features that make us human.  

Museum of London: KS2 Prehistory – Stone Age flint knapping

What was life like for people living in the Stone Age? Watch how an axehead is made through a process called flint knapping and learn from our young curators, who introduce you to the different periods of the Stone Age by examining artefacts.  

The British Museum: What is African rock art?

How much space do 25,000 objects take up in the British Museum? Roughly 4 terabytes. Elizabeth Galvin is curator of the African rock art image project at the British Museum. Elizabeth and her team are currently cataloguing and uploading 25,000 digital images of rock art from throughout Africa. This collection represents some of first purely …

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Nature: Attack by the lake: A prehistoric massacre

Archaeologists uncover the remains of a community brutally murdered, ten thousand years ago. The bones of men, women and children have emerged from the bed of an ancient lake, providing evidence of a violent massacre in prehistoric Kenya.  

The British Museum: How to play an ancient rock gong

The British Museum invited Dr Cornelia Kleinitz, an archaeologist specialising in rock art, and Liam Williamson, a modern rock drummer, to try and discover how a rock gong might have been played. This was the result. Rock gongs are a type of lithophone that were used for thousands of years in several parts of Africa. …

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Bill Wurtz: History of Japan

The history of Japan explained in a fun and much illustrative manner in this video by Bill Wurtz.  

The Verge: This frozen woolly mammoth changes human history

The frozen remains of a young male woolly mammoth discovered in Russia shows signs that it died from an attack from human hunters. The timing of that attack has researchers excited.  

Cambridge University: Nataruk: Evidence of a prehistoric massacre

Skeletal remains of a group of foragers massacred around 10,000 years ago on the shores of a lagoon is unique evidence of a violent encounter between clashing groups of ancient hunter-gatherers, and suggests the “presence of warfare” in late Stone Age foraging societies. Listen to researchers from Cambridge’s Leverhulme Centre for Human Evolutionary Studies discuss …

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London Natural History Museum: The oldest human footprints in Europe

In May 2013 a storm exposed mysterious hollows on the beach at Happisburgh in Norfolk. Follow the progress of the research team as they realise they have found human footprints that are around 900,000 years old.  

TED: Why Are These 32 Symbols Found in Caves All Over Europe | Genevieve von Petzinger

Is human history older than we think? Genevieve von Petzinger is an anthropologist from the University of Victoria. She has studied hundreds of markings from 300 sites in addition to personally visiting and examining 52 caves where ancient humans had lived located in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and France. She has collected markings in a database …

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Museum of London: KS2 Prehistory – The Bronze Age

How did people make tools from metal during the Bronze Age? This short video, introduced by children, demonstrates how a bronze axe is cast using Bronze Age technologies.  

Joe Rogan: Graham Hancock & Randall Carlson

Whether considered as pure quasi science or as scientific hypothesis awaiting to be accepted scientific theory, Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson are both very fascinating to listen too as they put forward the idea that a mass extinction event occurred some 11,000 years ago that swept away all evidence of any pre catastrophe civilization that …

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