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SLAC Public Lecture: Chasing Super Bugs with Smarter Drug Design

Lecture Date: Thursday, December 1, 2011. When our grandparents were young, there was no such thing as an antibiotic. Diseases like tuberculosis were invariably fatal. In the twentieth century, the fortuitous discoveries of penicillin from a mold and streptomycin from soil made a revolution in medicine. Today, we have even more powerful antibiotics, but also …

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Jack Andraka: A promising test for pancreatic cancer

FILMED FEB 2013 • POSTED JUL 2013 • TED2013 TED presents Jack Andraka who presents a promising test for pancreatic cancer. With over 85 percent of all pancreatic cancers diagnosed late, at a stage when the patient has two percent chance of survival. Fifteen year old Andraka talks about how he developed a promising early detection test for …

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Peter Attia: What if we’re wrong about diabetes?

FILMED APR 2013 • POSTED JUN 2013 • TEDMED 2013 TED presents Peter Attia who as a young surgeon felt contempt for a patient with diabetes: She was overweight, he thought, and thus responsible for the fact that she needed a foot amputation. But years later, Attia received an unpleasant medical surprise that led him …

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Andres Lozano: Parkinson’s, depression and the switch that might turn them off

FILMED JAN 2013 • POSTED APR 2013 • TEDxCaltech TED presents Andres Lozano who talks about how deep brain stimulation is becoming very precise. A technique that allows surgeons to place electrodes in almost any area of the brain, and turn them up or down — like a radio dial or thermostat — to correct …

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Henry Sanchez: Blood Vessels; Pathology of the Intravascular Highway

Presented by The University of California, Dr. Henry Sanchez, UCSF Professor of Clinical Pathology, Schools of Medicine and Dentistry, examines what can go wrong with the intravascular system.  

Thomas Insel: Toward a new understanding of mental illness

FILMED JAN 2013 • POSTED APR 2013 • TEDxCaltech TED presents Thomas Insel, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health. Thanks to better early detection, there are 63% fewer deaths from heart disease than there were just a few decades ago. Insel wonders: Could we do the same for depression and schizophrenia? The first …

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Vicky Newman: Living for longevity and the nutrition connection

The University of California hosts a session by Vicky Newman, MS, RD, on how to learn the right balance of foods to maximize your health and energy level through an anti-inflammatory eating plan. Newman will provide practical tips for controlling your weight, maintaining bone strength, and reducing the risk of common chronic diseases associated with aging. …

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Jessica Green: We’re covered in germs! How to make them happy

FILMED FEB 2013 • POSTED MAR 2013 • TED2013 In this TED talk Jessica Green asks: Can we design buildings that encourage happy, healthy microbial environments? Our bodies and homes are covered in microbes, some good for us and some bad for us. [KGVID width=”720″ height=”400″]http://www.ourprg.com/Video/JessicaGreen_2013U-480p.mp4[/KGVID]

Francis Collins: We need better drugs — now

FILMED APR 2012 • POSTED MAR 2013 • TEDMED 2012 Francis Collins explains that we today know the molecular cause of 4,000 diseases, but treatments are available for only 250 of them. The natural question is what is taking so long? Geneticist and physician Collins explains why systematic drug discovery is imperative, even for rare …

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Harvard University: Stress and Health

Published on Mar 7, 2013 Harvard University presents a panel discission on the topic of stress. Which sustained over time, can undermine health in serious and sometimes deadly ways. In this Forum event, expert participants examined what we know about the effects of stress on health, including heart disease risk, and about the role social …

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Jim Al-Khalili: How Physics Can Revolutionize Biology

Is quantum biology a potential revolution in science ? In our way of seeing disease and treating it and to explain life itself? Jim Al-Khalili is a professor of physics, author and broadcaster based at the University of Surrey where he holds a chair in the Public Engagement in Science. In this talk he talks …

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Lee Cronin: Print your own medicine

FILMED JUN 2012 • POSTED FEB 2013 • TEDGlobal 2012 TED presents chemist Lee Cronin who is working on a 3D printer that, instead of objects, is able to print molecules. An exciting potential long-term application: printing your own medicine using chemical inks. [KGVID width=”720″ height=”400″]http://www.ourprg.com/Video/LeeCronin_2012G-480p.mp4[/KGVID]

Deborah Rhodes: A tool that finds 3x more breast tumors

FILMED DEC 2010 • POSTED JAN 2011 • TEDWomen TED presents Debroah Rhodes who toghether with a team of physicists developed a new tool for tumor detection that is 3 times as effective as traditional mammograms for women with dense breast tissue. The life-saving implications are stunning. So why haven’t we heard of it? Rhodes …

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Jack Andraka: My 3 Cents 0n Cancer

Jack is a fifteen year old freshman in high school. He developed a paper sensor that could detect pancreatic, ovarian and lung cancer in five minutes for as little as 3 cents.

William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer?

TED presents William Li who advocates a new way to think about treating cancer and other diseases: By anti-angiogenesis that prevents the growth of blood vessels feeding a tumor.  

Bill Doyle: Treating cancer with electric fields

FILMED OCT 2011 • POSTED JAN 2012 • TEDMED 2011 At TEDMED, Bill Doyle presents a new approach, called Tumor Treating Fields, which uses electric fields to interrupt cancer cell division. A technology that is still in its infancy — and approved for only certain types of cancer — the treatment comes with one big benefit: quality of life. Bill …

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Cynthia Kenyon: Experiments that hint of longer lives

  What controls aging? TED presents biochemist Cynthia Kenyon who has found a simple genetic mutation that can double the lifespan of a simple worm, C. elegans. The lessons from that discovery, and others, are pointing to how we might one day significantly extend youthful human life. This talk was held in July 2011. Cynthia Kenyon: Experiments …

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Ellen Jorgensen: Biohacking — you can do it, too

TED presents Ellel Jorgensen who asks: We have personal computing, why not personal biotech? Biologist Ellen Jorgensen and her colleagues asked themselves before opening Genspace, a nonprofit DIYbio lab in Brooklyn devoted to citizen science, where amateurs can go and tinker with biotechnology. Far from being a sinister Frankenstein’s lab (as some imagined it), Genspace …

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Richard Weller: Could the sun be good for your heart?

TED presents dermatologist Richard Weller who suggest that not only does our bodies get Vitamin D from the sun, but as sunlight may confer another surprising benefit too. New research by his team shows that nitric oxide, a chemical transmitter stored in huge reserves in the skin, can be released by UV light, to great …

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Yoav Medan: Ultrasound surgery — healing without cuts

Imagine having a surgery with no knives involved. At TEDMED, Yoav Medan shares a technique that uses MRI to find trouble spots and focused ultrasound to treat such issues as brain lesions, uterine fibroids and several kinds of cancerous growths. Yoav Medan: Ultrasound surgery — healing without cuts [FMP width=”720″ height=”400″]http://www.ourprg.com/Video/YoavMedan_2011P-480p-en.mp4[/FMP]

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