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Red Bull: Intense 400m Vertical Running Race

400 meters…not too bad, right? We’ll when you’re running up a agonizing vertical ski slope, it’s not bad…it’s grueling. Really grueling. And the famous Planicaski jump in Slovenia is far from forgiving with it’s insanely steep grade. Take a look at what just might be one of the toughest 400m race ever run.  

Harvard University: How Coffee Loves Us Back

Coffee is everywhere, through history and across the world. And increasingly, science is demonstrating that its popularity is a good thing. Harvard scientists have for years put coffee under the microscope. Last year, researchers announced they had discovered six new human genes related to coffee and reconfirmed the existence of two others. The long-running Nurses’ …

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NRK: Reporter Try the Tour de France diet

Norwegian TV reporter Nicolay Ramm tries the diet of Tour de France champions, making a heroic effort to down it all in one sitting.  

BioMed Central: ‘Is cancer preventable?’ – Metabolism, Diet and Disease

Craig Thompson, Lewis Cantley, Steven McKnight, Michael Bishop and Eugene Fine discuss with other speakers and delegates at the second Metabolism Diet and Disease conference, held in Washington DC in May 2014, whether cancer can be prevented by diet, what the evidence is, and what research on metabolism and cancer has told us so far. …

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University of Oxford: Lecture 2015 | Panel Discussion on Food

Panel discussion on food, and obesity. Chaired by Alice Thomson, Associate Editor of the Times. Featuring Susan Jebb, 2015 Oxford London Lecturer; Lord Krebs, Chair of the Science and Technology Committee at the House of Lords; Mr Joshua Hardie: Director of Group Corporate Responsibility at Tesco; and Lady Young, CEO of Diabetes UK  

University of California: Robert Baron | The Use of Diet and Nutritional Supplements to Maximize Wellness and Prevent Illness

Dr. Robert Baron explores why we should care about what we eat – from calories to fiber – and general principles of a healthy diet and lifestyle. He also looks at dietary supplements and they role they play in preventing illness. Image credit: USDA.  

Jacqueline Kerr: Sit Stand Walk | Why Physical Activity Research Is Evolving

Exercise is good for you, no matter how old you are. Jacqueline Kerr, UCSD School of Medicine, discusses new findings on physical activity and how to apply novel research to your daily life.  

Emily Balcetis: Why some people find exercise harder than others

Why do some people struggle more than others to keep off the pounds? Social psychologist Emily Balcetis shows research that addresses one of the many factors: Vision. In an informative talk, she shows how when it comes to fitness, some people quite literally see the world differently from others — and offers a surprisingly simple …

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Robert Baron: How Do We Know What to Eat Drink (and Take)?

One third of premature deaths in the U.S. are attributable to poor nutrition and physical inactivity. Dr. Robert Baron, UCSF Professor of Medicine, explains the costs of poor nutrition and what you can do to improve your diet. The healthiest diet limit sugars, refined grains, and large amounts of saturated and trans fat. He advises …

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Katie Ferraro: Dietary Fats | The Good the Bad the Ugly

UCSF nutritionist Katie Ferraro explains a healthy person on 2,000 calorie diet per day should strive for 65 grams total fat, less than 20 grams saturated fat, zero grams trans fat and under 200 milligrams of dietary cholesterol.  

Walter Kaye: The Science of Dieting: Why Is It Difficult for Most People but Not Those with Anorexia Nervosa?

How do we manage food and eating behaviors? Is there a specific system in the body determining how we regulate food and weight? New brain imaging tools are allowing us to examine how the brain works in relation to these behaviors. Walter Kaye, PhD explores these new findings and discusses treatment programs that approach the …

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Discussion: What’s the Role of Sports in Society?

Published on Mar 18, 2014 From 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival session, What’s the Role of Sports in Society? Organized sports were introduced to American life more than a century ago as not just a venue for entertainment but a tool of nation building. Now that we’re a nation of sports fans—where even President Obama’s March …

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Robert Lustig: Fat Chance – Fructose 2.0

Hosted by the California University, in this talk with Dr. Robert Lustig, at the UCSF Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, updates his very popular video “Sugar: The Bitter Truth.” He argues that sugar and processed foods are driving the obesity epidemic, which in turn affects our endocrine system.

Dan Buettner: How to live to be 100+

FILMED SEP 2009 • POSTED JAN 2010 • TEDxTC TED presents this talk by Dan Buettner on the subject on aging and longvity. To find the path to long life and health, Dan Buettner and team studies the world’s “Blue Zones,” this is communities whose elders live with vim and vigor to a record-setting age. …

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Vicky Newman: Living for longevity and the nutrition connection

The University of California hosts a session by Vicky Newman, MS, RD, on how to learn the right balance of foods to maximize your health and energy level through an anti-inflammatory eating plan. Newman will provide practical tips for controlling your weight, maintaining bone strength, and reducing the risk of common chronic diseases associated with aging. …

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Richard Weller: Could the sun be good for your heart?

TED presents dermatologist Richard Weller who suggest that not only does our bodies get Vitamin D from the sun, but as sunlight may confer another surprising benefit too. New research by his team shows that nitric oxide, a chemical transmitter stored in huge reserves in the skin, can be released by UV light, to great …

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Fora TV: Sports and Nutrition; Winning Recipes for Athletes

  Fora TV presents a discussion about sports and nutrituin. Asking questions such as; Does the food we eat alter our performance in competition? What are the winning recipes that will bring athletic success? To conclude the first chapter of our Sports & Technology series, we examine how we fuel our bodies to be at the …

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Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food

Sharing powerful stories from his anti-obesity project in Huntington, W. Va., TED Prize winner Jamie Oliver makes the case for an all-out assault on our ignorance of food. Jamie Oliver: Teach every child about food [FMP width=”720″ height=”400″]http://www.ourprg.com/Video/JamieOliver_2010-480p.mp4[/FMP]

Dean Ornish: Healing through diet

TED presents Dean Ornish, that talks about simple, low-tech and low-cost ways to take advantage of the body’s natural desire to heal itself. Dean Ornish: Healing through diet [FMP width=”720″ height=”400″]http://www.ourprg.com/Video/DeanOrnish_2004-480p-en.mp4[/FMP]

Doping in Sports: Personal, Cultural and Athletic Impact

The incredible feats that athletes accomplish fascinate us, but what is the impact of doping on sports? A panel of experts explore the science of doping, advances in detection, and what the doping debate says about sports, society, and human nature.

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