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Category: Earth: Wonders

Brad Kremer: Hayaku | A Time Lapse Journey Through Japan

Brad Kremer created this beautiful short film about Japan. He writes; Japan is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This is my Japan. This is one of the many reasons why I love Japan. I shot this in many locations around Japan in the summer of 2009. Some of the location include …

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Brett Junvik: Angkor Wat

Brett Junvik filmed this amazing short film of Angkor Wat in Cambodia with a DJI Phantom Quadcopter.  

Joerg Niggli: Venice in a Day

A short film by Joerg Niggli, who describes; A day in Venice (Venezia) in Italy, from daybreak to sunset in time lapse. It’s really a great place and I hope I can share some of its magic with this short video.  

Jamie Scott: Fall

Automn colors in Central Park, New York, filmed by Jamie Scott. Scott comments; One of the most striking things about New York City is the fall colors and there’s no better place to view this then Central Park. I chose 15 locations in the park and revisited them 2 days a week for six months, …

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Max Smith: A Sense of Place

Max Smith has filmed this beautiful short film in Argyll Forest Park in Scotland. He writtes; The First in a series of short films, aiming to give viewers an intimate view of wild habitats across the U.K, without the use of narration or a definitive plot, allowing viewers to take what they want from the …

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Yeti Cycles: The San Juans. Proven Here.

The short film team writes; Fall in the Rockies is always epic, but the weather is variable. We encountered freezing temps and snow, but were rewarded with fresh loam and peak colors. In the end, after the trails were explored, weather was endured, flat tires were fixed, and a few beers were drunk, we found …

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Page Films: Ride the Sky

Ride the Sky takes you on a journey through the forest and on into the Universe.  

Enrique Pacheco: Shaped by Time

“Shaped by Time” is a time-lapse film by Enrique Pacheco; that explore the power of nature trough the erosion of the different landscapes shown on the film. During thousands of years, the wind, the eruptions, the rain, the frost and the water of the rivers, have shaped this wonderful landscapes, going beyond the natural and …

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Nicholas Buer: Ancients

This film follows the ancient cycle of sunset, to night, to sunrise. A continuous loop of perpetual movement that has been unbroken since the dawn of time, and the only true constant in our lives.  

Timelapse China: CHINA IN MOTION 1 Timelapse

A beautiful timelapse short film filmed in China, by Timelapse China. The first cooperative timelapse production of China. Filmed by 56 Photographers in 49 Cities all over China.  

Menassier Gabriel: Somewhere in Vietnam

A short film by Gabriel Menassier about and filmed in Vietnam. Stunning photage of both nature and the people of Vietnam.  

Tanguy Louvigny: Hdr skies

A short film by Tanguy Louvigny of nature at its best with amazing skies and landscapes.  

Jacob + Katie Schwarz: Myanmar (Burma) in 4k

Dextre, the Canadian robotic handyman on board the International Space Station, has done several repair and maintenance jobs to date, as well as the Robotic Refueling Mission technology demonstration, when he became the first robot to refuel a mock satellite in space. The space bot is now poised to claim a first for robotkind: self-repair. …

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Jacob + Katie Schwarz: NORTHERN INDIA 4K

A short film of Northern India filmed by Jacob and Katie Schwarz. They describe their experience filming it; This is footage that we captured while in India 5K at both 50 FPS and 60FPS. Locations featured include: Agra, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Khichan, Jaipur, and Dehli.  

Devinsupertramp: Road to Machu Picchu – Peru in 4K

Machu Picchu is a 15th-century Inca site located on a mountain ridge between the Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu mountains in Peru. It is located 7,970 feet (2,430 meters) above sea level on the eastern slope of the Andes. The entire video was shot in 4K, with the Canon 1DC.  

Simon Christen: A Time Lapse Collection

A timelapse short film by Simon Christen. “A Time Lapse Collection” is a medley of some of my favorite shots that didn’t make their way into either film. All of the footage was gathered on countless excursions into the Marin Headlands, the Berkeley Hills and a more recent trip to Dubai.  

Instrument: This Place

In this short film by Instrument, we take a trip to the Oregon coast. Instrument describes; In the first release of This Place, we explore the Oregon Coast through a short film and series of interactive vignettes. We take to the road to get to the heart of the questions, “What makes the Oregon coast …

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Martin Heck | Timestorm Films: AWAKENING | NEW ZEALAND 4K

A short film of the amazing nature in New Zealand, by Martin Heck at Timestorm Films. Described by Heck: Part I/IV of a timelapse series through the always changing landscapes of New Zealand. Shot over 4 month, travelling through amazing landscapes, sleeping under the stars, hiking on mountains and exploring remote roads. Locations in this video …

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Alexis Coram: Technicolour Alaska

A short film by Alexis Coram filmed in Alaska. Alexis describes; There are some things in this world that everyone deserves to experience with their own eyes. I headed to Alaska in February with the hope of catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights with mine. That glimpse turned into an extravaganza…a party in the …

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StanChang: Magical Europe

This astounding short film shot all over Europe was made by StanChang, who describes his experience: One family, 2 cameras, 30 countries, 60 flights, 1000+ time lapse videos, 200,000+ images – almost 20 terabytes of data! Hello everyone, I’m from Taiwan. This is a compilation of time lapse videos shot over the last two years …

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