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Geoff Tompkinson: HyperZooming through Hallstatt

The beautiful historic town of Hallstatt is a Unesco World Heritage site in Upper Austria. It is located near the Hallstätter See (a lake). At the 2001 census, it had 946 inhabitants. This beautiful and very disorienting short of Hallstad was created by Geoff Tompkinsson, he writes; It is visited by many thousands of tourists …

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Huw’s studio: North Wales from above

North Wales like you may have never seen it before. This short video was captured using the Phantom 3 Professional Drone and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects By Huw Ynyr Roberts.  

TED: Francesco Sauro Deep under the Earth’s surface, discovering beauty and science

Cave explorer and geologist Francesco Sauro travels to the hidden continent under our feet, surveying deep, dark places inside the earth that humans have never been able to reach before. In the spectacular tepuis of South America, he finds new minerals and insects that have evolved in isolation, and he uses his knowledge of these …

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TED: Stunning Photos of the Endangered Everglades | Mac Stone

For centuries, people have viewed swamps and wetlands as obstacles to avoid. But for photographer Mac Stone, who documents the stories of wildlife in Florida’s Everglades, the swamp isn’t a hindrance — it’s a national treasure. Through his stunning photographs, Stone shines a new light on a neglected, ancient and important wilderness. His message: get …

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Julian Tryba: Timeless Dreams

Julian Tryba filmed this amazingly beautiful time-lapse short film. As more and more time-lapse films on the Webb it’s important to stand out and this is clearly what Julian Tryba does in this short filmed with different layers. He filmed the same place several times in different lights and at different times. Then, after having …

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Beautiful Washington: Hoh Rain Forest

We invite you to take a walk through one of the most magnificent places on Earth – Hoh Rain Forest. Immerse yourself in a heart-warming and soul nourishing beauty of the forest. This emerald world is impossible to describe with usual words, it’s even beyond imagination. This professional Nature Relaxation Video will show you giant …

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Blue Racer Productions: I C E L A N D

Compilation of drone footage from a recent 8-day trip to Iceland. All footage was shot on the DJI Phantom 3. Locations featured include: Skógafoss Reynisfjara Beach Skaftafell National Park Askja Skaftafellsjökull Dettifoss Gulfoss Eskifjordur Music: Headlights by Robin Schulz feat. Ilsey Check out some of our amazing pictures on Instagram: #‎PureIceland‬❄ Blue Racer Productions BlueRacerProductions.com …

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Martin Heck: PATAGONIA 8K

Patagonia 8K explores the beautiful and rough landscapes of southern Chile and Argentina. Shot in 8K resolution on a medium format camera it’s aimed to deliver the most realistic experience.  

egawauemon: Drone Footage of Amazing Islands in Kagoshima, Japan 4K (Ultra HD)

YouTube user egawauemon is known for beautiful, hi-definition videos of Japan, and this latest video is no exception. About shooting location… Yakushima Island 屋久島 / Yoron Island 与論島 / Tanegashima Island 種子島 / Koshiki Island 甑島 / Amami Island 奄美大島 / Kakeroma Island 加計呂麻島 Kagoshima, Japan.  

Mike Taylor – Taylor Photography: Moosehead Lake Aurora

Mike Taylor filmed this beautiful timelapse short at Moosehead Lake in Maine, U.S. June 22 2015 – With news that Mother Nature was going to put on a Northern Lights display we headed to one of our favorite spots to view and capture them – Moosehead Lake, Maine – located just above the 45 degree …

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Google: Scale Yosemite’s El Capitan with Google Maps

El Capitan is not just the name of the next version of Apple OS X, it is also a mountain in the U.S. National Park, Yosemite. Here climbing enthusiasts from the world over visit to put their skills to the test. Now, Google Maps has made it possible for us mere mortals to climb the …

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Max Seigal: Around the World in Two Minutes

Max Seigal and Seagull Aerial has filmed this stunning short film using drones, filming at beautiful locations all around the world. Seigal writes; Video shot with th Phantom 2 and GoPro Hero 4 and the Inspire 1, by DJI — most shots from the Expedition Series kit assembled by DSLRPros. Locations include Mt. Fuji, Japan, …

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Martin Heck | Timestorm Films: CALBUCO

Filmed by Martin Heck and Timestorm Films, this amazing footage of a volcano erupting in Chile proves the awesome power of nature. Heck describes; Volcano Calbuco erupted on April 22, 2015, for the first time in four decades. Located close to the cities of Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt in southern Chile. We spend the …

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Stephane Vetter: Pulsating Aurora

Pulsating Aurora in real-time. Music by Eric Aron – ericaron.com Photography by Stephane Vetter – nuitsacrees.fr Filmed with Sony alpha 7S (without IR filter); Nikkor 14mm-24mm / 2.8; Nikkor 24mm / 1.4 ; Photoshop CC2014 and FinalCutPro X  

in2white: MontBlanc Largest Panoramic Image

The astonishing majesty of this impressive white giant is too wide to be represented either in words or images. We experimented something different… The highest European mountain consecrated in the largest giga panorama ever made at 3500 meters /11.500 feet: this is our experience into the white of the Mont Blanc.  

Rustad Media : NORWAY – A Time-Lapse Adventure

This is a time-lapse video resulting from a 15,000 km (almost 10,000 miles) long road trip and tens of thousands of images taken along the way over the last 5 months. The journey has covered all of Norway’s 19 counties, from the far south to the Russian border in the Northeast.  

Studiocanoe: Welcome to Union Glacier

Union Glacier is located in the southern Ellsworth Mountains of West Antarctica. This is a short film documentary by Studio Caneoe about a small team of people who live and work on the glacier during the Antarctic summer.  

Andrew Walker: Moment Abroad

A short film by Andrew Walker who describes; these timelapse shots were taken while I was exploring the areas around Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic back in late September. Really enjoyed my time there and it was interesting visiting places that have been around for so long and seen so much history. Was shot …

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Stanislas Giroux: Seat 22 — Trans-Siberian Odyssey

This short film by Stanislas Giroux is as he describes three minutes of video for three weeks of travel, three countries, three cultures (and three tee-shirts in my backpack !) ; I took a train ticket for the Trans-Siberian railway, in order to reach Beijing from Moscow, crossing Mongolia. I travelled alone with my bag, …

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National Geographic: The Ganges | From Snow to Sea

For nearly a billion Hindus in India and beyond, the Ganges is more than a river. It represents a divine conduit for pilgrims’ prayers, and is a source of sustenance for people and wildlife alike. Photographer Pete McBride and fellow expedition members captured these moments on video during a 45-day journey down the Ganges by …

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