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‘Rush’ is a Cool Cityscape Short

‘Rush’ by Vimeo user Awhelin is a cityscape and traffic timelapse shot in Seoul, London, Taipei, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur and Bangkok. This is some fantastic footage.

A Gift from Rome. Timelapse & Hyperlapse. Italy. Vatican

The “Eternal City” of Rome is the largest open-air museum in all of Europe with dozens of must-see, photogenic sites. This short film by Kirill Neiezhmakov is filmed using both time-lapse and hyper-lapse photography, enjoy.

Short film ‘Last Light’ is the story of Los Angeles

The short film ‘Last Light’ by Colin Rich is some simply stunning photography. It is, according to Rich, the story of Los Angeles bearing the brunt of a tempest and the clarity that comes after the storm.  

The Environmental Challenges of MegaCities – Professor Carolyn Roberts

Faced with escalating population pressure and new construction technologies, western architects are designing cities in the skies, and under the sea. If built, these will sit alongside older metropolitan areas such as London, Tokyo and Shanghai, where more and more people are squeezing into built-up areas. The era of megacities is already with us, and …

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BBC: Planet Earth II | Life as a City Fox 360°

Through the eyes of an urban fox, can you find food, spot the hazards, and track down a mate in a bustling city at night?  

Wendover Productions: Urban Geography: Why We Live Where We Do

Rich Americans live in the Suburbs; Rich Europeans live downtown. Why do cities on the two continents have different structures? European cities are much, much older than American cities and that age difference has naturally led to many interesting differences in the layout of each city. The wealthy population of America often live in suburbs …

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Keith Loutit: The Lion City II – Majulah

Photographer and filmmaker Keith Loutit has painstakingly spent the last three years filming and creating a mesmerizing time-lapse of Singapore, he describes the process as follows below: Majulah – ‘Onward’. When we pass by landscapes they appear fixed in time, but they change around us constantly. The idea behind this film is to reveal this …

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Rufus Blackwell: Hyperlapse Saigon

Saigon, known for its French colonial architecture and its bustling streets is a beauty to behold, a rush to experience and a treasure to capture. With the Osmo, you can lose yourself in the moment yet capture it effortlessly thanks to its awesomely stable gimbal and tack-sharp camera. Do it with a hyperlapse to show …

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Jansoli: Colors of New York

A fantastic time-lapse short filmed in and about New York, by Jansoli.   Colors of New York When I was in New York for producing timelapse in a cold winter time, I encountered streets bustling with nightlife, non-stopping lights and subways, ferries, stream of people etc. The gigantic city, to me, was a big melting …

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TED-Ed: Real life sunken cities

Though people are most familiar with Plato’s fictional Atlantis, many real underwater cities actually exist. Peter Campbell explains how sunken cities are studied by scientists to help us understand the lives of our ancestors, the dynamic nature of our planet, and the impact of each on the other. Check out this article on a real …

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Fortune Magazine: Agriculture Is Thriving on New York City Rooftops

New York City is not necessarily a place you would expect urban agriculture to thrive. Given how valuable space is in New York City, the city’s rooftops are strangely empty.  

SCIENTIFANTASTIC: Rio De Janeiro 10K Timelapse

This footage comes from some shots I did while shooting 4K and 8K timelapses in Rio De Janeiro for a major electronics manufacturer. Each shot is comprised of hundreds individual still images, each weighing in at a whopping 80 megapixels. Each individual raw frame measures 10328×7760 pixels.    

Gresham College: The Five Catastrophes That Made London – Professor Dr Simon Thurley

London is perhaps the most dynamic old world city on the planet – renewal has been at the heart of its success. Disaster has never been courted, but when it has come it has provided the platform for advances that have been at first sight architectural but with hindsight economic and social.

TED: How megacities are changing the map of the world | Parag Khanna

“I want you to reimagine how life is organized on earth,” says global strategist Parag Khanna. As our expanding cities grow ever more connected through transportation, energy and communications networks, we evolve from geography to what he calls “connectography.” This emerging global network civilization holds the promise of reducing pollution and inequality — and even …

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NPro+ Aerial Production: Drone View of Different Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a pretty magnificent place to photograph. And this drone view of Hong Kong might be the most spectacular of any photo or video footage ever taken of the city. After 1 year production, more than 80 take off, nearly 10 hours flying, NPRO+ aerial production bring you overlook the Mountain, coast, city, …

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TSV: Tokyo Shinjuku by Night | Ultra HD

One of Tokyo’s most popular areas, Shinjuku only truly reveals itself at night. Dirty, noisy and somehow vulgar, Shinjuku at night is nonetheless one of the most interesting places to visit in Tokyo. Shinjuku is divided into different smaller areas that are not always welcoming to cameras at night, and for good reason. Among these …

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Stéphane Legrand: Bonjour Paris

Do you like time-lapse photography and Hyperlapse? Do you like Paris? Well, here you are. A beautiful short film by Stéphane Legrand. WI am extremely pleased to show you my second major time lapse movie ‘Bonjour Paris’. I have heard some amazing feedback last year about my first movie ‘Hello Toronto’, so I told myself …

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Arteidetv: Blackout City

Have you ever wondered how the world’s cities would look like if we did not have lighting ?  

GoPro: Roberta Mancino’s Night Life

Roberta Mancino is flyes a wingsuit over Panama City at night, need more be said? Check it out above, or below. GoPro Athlete Roberta Mancino embarks on a stunning wingsuit flight over Panama City at night.  

Mindrelic: Manhattan in motion

Vimeo member “Mindrelic” spent a little over a month hotel hopping in Manhattan (March 12th to April 29th) shooting time lapse. These clips were pulled from over an hours worth of footage.  

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