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Category: Earth: Oceans

Harvard University: Keith Ellenbogen | Ocean Photography

Keith Ellenbogen is an award-winning underwater photographer with a focus on environmental conservation. Ellenbogen showcases his beautiful and compelling ocean-based wildlife images in this talk at the Harvard University, including his recent exploratory work using high-speed photography and 360-degree immersive camera systems.  

The Economist: The deep ocean is the final frontier on planet Earth

The ocean covers 70% of our planet. The deep-sea floor is a realm that is largely unexplored, but cutting-edge technology is enabling a new generation of aquanauts to go deeper than ever before.  

Australian Antarctic Division: Rare glimpse into Antarctic underwater world

An underwater robot has captured a rare glimpse beneath the Antarctic sea ice, revealing a thriving, colourful world filled with coconut-shaped sponges, dandelion-like worms, pink encrusting algae and spidery starfish. The footage was recorded on a camera attached to a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) deployed by Australian Antarctic Division scientists under the sea ice at …

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RealLifeLore: The Ocean is Way Deeper Than You Think

The Ocean is a deep and scary world that is completely removed from most of our lives. In this video youtube user RealLifeLore explore just how deep the ocean actually is while discussing some of the strange life down there… and other just plain weird and odd things about the ocean.  

BBC: Wild Japan | Old Woman Is Master Sea Snake Catcher

Duncan Parker, camera assistant. After meeting 72-year old Setsuko and Yoko I looked forward to seeing how they would go about catching one of the world’s most venomous snakes. Sea snakes are supposedly very docile and have very small mouths so can only bite you between your hands and feet. However if you do get …

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Howard Hall: Dugong

Busuanga Island is one of the few places where dugongs can still be seen. This video was made possible with the support of the Dugong Dive Center, El Rio y Mar Resort, and the Philippines Department of Tourism. Howard Hall Productions specializes in marine wildlife natural history motion pictures and during the last 25 years, …

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MyLapse: Coral colors

In this video we have tried to show movement and the enormous chromatic beauty of corals, a kind of marine animals that despite being one of the oldest animals on our planet, are mostly unknown. You will discover its stunning beauty, its spectacular colors and the mystery of his movements. To capture these images it …

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Eunjae Im: Living Colour – Underwater 4K

A sampling video of 4K underwater footage shot on Panasonic GH4. Filmed in Tulamben, Bali in Indonesia, Anilao in Philippines and Maldives. Music licensed through The Music Bed.  

Mysterious Purple Orb | Nautilus Live

This unidentified purple orb stumped our scientists onboard. After sampling, it began to unfold to reveal two distinct lobes. It could possibly take years for scientists to definitively determine whether it’s a newly discovered species! UPDATE: We’re still working on a species ID with our science partners at the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology, but …

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National Geographic: Discovering Ireland’s Hypnotic Underwater Beauty

As a child Ken O’Sullivan was mesmerized by Jacques Cousteau’s films. He is now an underwater filmmaker. Year-round, he records the seas around Ireland, the same cold waters that have lured him in for the past 10 years. His work has been done in solitude, and so it made sense to him to turn the …

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TED: Dive into an ocean photographer’s world | Thomas Peschak

Somersaulting manta rays, dashing dolphins, swarming schools of fish and munching sharks inhabit a world beneath the ocean’s surface that few get a chance to see. Conservation photographer Thomas Peschak visits incredible seascapes around the world, and his photos reveal these hidden ecosystems. “You can’t love something and become a champion for it if you …

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National Geographic: Life on an Arctic Expedition

For five months in 2015, a team of researchers drifted with polar ice, their ship tethered to an ice floe as they collected data to help them better understand how the loss of sea ice will affect the planet. The air above the Arctic Ocean has warmed on average about 5°F in the past century—more …

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London Natural History Museum: Staghorn survivors: the world’s most successful coral?

Museum palaeontologist Dr Ken Johnson looks at how Britain’s fossil record helps us understand the success of the staghorn coral, Acropora, and how the threats facing it today could mean devastation for reefs worldwide.  

Natural History Museum: Corals | Builders of the reef | Natural History Museum

Enter the extraordinary world of corals, remarkable animals capable of creating vast structures in underwater cities.  

MinuteEarth: Why Do Rivers Curve?

Created by Henry Reich Production and Writing Team: Alex Reich, Peter Reich, Emily Elert, Ever Salazar, Kate Yoshida, and Henry Reich Narrated by: Emily Elert Music by Nathaniel Schroeder  

WIRED: The Alvin Submarine | Updating the Deep-Diving Submarine at 50 Years Old

It’s the only deep-diving research submersible in the United States, and nearly 50 years after its first expedition it’s getting an upgrade. Take an exclusive tour of the Alvin submarine, and see how the updated vessel is continuing to push the boundaries of deep-water exploration. The technological upgrades on the U.S. Navy-owned Alvin submersible allow …

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MIT: Corals as engineers

Scientists at MIT and the Weizmann Institute of Science (WIS) in Israel have found that corals, long believed to be passive organisms relying entirely on ocean currents to deliver nutrients, are actually quite active, engineering their environment producing strong swirls of water that draw nutrients toward the coral, while driving potentially toxic waste products away. …

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Sarosh Jacob: OCEAN

A short film by Sarosh Jacob: “The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.” -Jacques Cousteau With global-warming, over-fishing and pollution, our seas are in a real state of crisis these days. I hope this film reminds people of the magnificent beauty within our ocean and the importance …

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Nature: Gentle giants of the Cambrian

More than 500 million years ago in the Cambrian period there was an explosion of animal life. The top predators were from a group called the Anomalocarids, the largest animals of their day. But now, a new fossil suggests that not all the Anomalocarids were the fearsome killing machines scientists once thought. At least one, …

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SciCafe: Into the Abyss – New Frontiers in Deep Sea Exploration

One of the last great areas of exploration on Earth is the deep sea, where new species are discovered on nearly every adventure into its depths. In this SciCafe, join Museum Curator John Sparks and Research Associates David Gruber (CUNY) and Vincent Pieribone (John B. Pierce Laboratory – Yale) as they discuss their research on …

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