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Illustrated Progress is a popular science news website. We aim to present science in a fun and much illustrative manner.

We provide insight into all branches of the tree of science. Science that expand our understanding of the past, the present, and the future.



The idea that science increases its problem-solving ability through the application of the scientific method. Scientific progress for which we accumulate our scientific knowledge.

The wrong view of science betrays itself in the craving to be right; for it is not his possession of knowledge, of irrefutable truth, that makes the man of science, but his persistent and recklessly critical quest for truth.

– Sir Karl Popper


What is required for scientific progress is mainly ordinary curiosity, ordinary awareness, ordinary learning, ordinary reasoning, and fairly ordinary communication. Of course scientists work hard to develop and use precise technical terms for many of the things they talk about, but so do lawyers and golfers and cooks.

– Dr. Terry Halwes


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