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‘Rush’ is a Cool Cityscape Short

‘Rush’ by Vimeo user Awhelin is a cityscape and traffic timelapse shot in Seoul, London, Taipei, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur and Bangkok. This is some fantastic footage.

A Gift from Rome. Timelapse & Hyperlapse. Italy. Vatican

The “Eternal City” of Rome is the largest open-air museum in all of Europe with dozens of must-see, photogenic sites. This short film by Kirill Neiezhmakov is filmed using both time-lapse and hyper-lapse photography, enjoy.

‘The Problem of the Wilderness’

‘The Problem of the Wilderness’ by filmmaker Tom Welsh gives us a glimpse of the raw beauty and wilderness of Alaska. The name of the short film was inspired by American forester, writer and wilderness activist Bob Marshall. The Problem of the Wilderness – Bob Marshall, 1930 It is well to reflect that the wilderness …

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Are These the Oldest Modern Human Fossils Ever Found?

A great and surprising discovery has been made in the search for the origin of humankind in the form of the oldest fossil known, much older. The new fossil findings point to that our species Homo sapiens could be significantly older than we knew. The discovery was made in Morocco, where paleoanthropologists have found fossils …

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Astronomers measure the mass of a star—thanks to an old tip from Einstein

This Science Magazine shows how a team of astronomers has succeeded in measuring the mass of an isolated star using a technique first suggested by Albert Einstein in 1936.  

How human noise affects ocean habitats | Kate Stafford

Sonar systems developed for the U.S. Navy to detect enemy submarines generates slow-rolling sound waves at around 235 decibels. For reference, the world’s loudest rock bands top out at only 130. These waves are able to travel for hundreds of kilometers under water and can retain intensity as far as 500 kilometers from their source. …

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Sci-Fi Short Film “Expo”

Presented by Dust; ‘Expo’ is a sci-fi short directed by Joe Sill about female astro-miner Shona who has been mining under dangerous conditions on the moon for the past two years in order to pay for expensive medical treatments. Now that her tour is completed, a younger astronaut Paige has come to replace her, and …

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Harvard University: A Soft Exosuit for Running

Building upon previous soft exosuit technology, researchers at the Wyss Institute and Harvard SEAS have developed a soft exosuit for running. This exosuit applies forces to the hip joint using thin, flexible wires, assisting the muscles during each stride. Using an off-board actuation system, compared to not wearing the exosuit, this exosuit can reduce the …

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NASA Goddard: The Moon May Have Frost

A recent discovery of unusually bright areas near the Moon’s south pole suggests that there could be plenty of water on the surface of the moon. Scientists using data from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO, have identified bright areas in craters near the moon’s south pole that are cold enough to have frost present …

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Latest view of Jupiter from NASA’s Juno spacecraft

The spacecraft Juno arrived at Jupiter a year ago and began to observe the planet. Since then, we have enjoyed several beautiful and fascinating photos that show the planet in its full magnificence. The video below is no exception. It is a composition of 2,400 images that together creates a stunning view of Jupiter. Enjoy. …

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